Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan Update

Each of the 23 campuses within the CSU system is required by the CSU Board of Trustees to prepare and periodically update a physical Master Plan. The Master Plan is intended to guide the physical campus development necessary to support the needs of current students, faculty, and staff as well as projected student enrollment and student, faculty, and staff campus population growth, which serve as the basis for determining long-term academic, administrative, student support, student housing, and athletic and recreational program space needs, in accordance with approved educational policies and objectives. 

The current Master Plan for the CSULB campus was approved in 2008 and was intended to guide campus development through the horizon year 2020 by providing a framework for land use, development, open space, and circulation.

CSULB has embarked on a process to update its Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan Update aims to support and advance CSULB’s mission, strategic vision, and values by continuing to guide long-term physical development of the campus to accommodate a projected increase in student enrollment and the corresponding campus population (which includes students, faculty, and staff) through the Master Plan Update horizon year 2035. 

The Master Plan Update addresses CSULB’s current and future needs, focusing less on physical growth and more on optimizing the existing physical assets of the campus. The Master Plan Update also identifies priority projects to be implemented in the near term. The primary strategies for implementing this Master Plan Update include renovation of existing buildings (renovation), demolition and replacement of existing buildings in the same physical location (replacement), construction of new buildings (new construction), and leaving buildings in their existing location and configuration (building to remain). The Master Plan Update also identifies goals and strategies to improve open space, mobility and parking, and sustainability and resiliency. Please click on the “2035 Master Plan Update” link to the top right to review the proposed plan.  

The full draft of the Campus Master Plan will be available for review September 1, 2023. For more information about the 2035 Campus Master Plan Update, please click here. 

CSULB is currently preparing an environmental impact report for the Campus Master Plan Update pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For more information about this CEQA process, please click here