Resources for Contractors and Consultants

Campus development and maintenance projects create work opportunities for design and consulting professionals as well as general and specialty contractors. New construction and major renovations are implemented under the major and minor capital outlay programs administered by Design and Construction Services. To be eligible for upcoming opportunities at California State University, Long Beach, Design Professionals, Contractors, and Consultants must be prequalified. The following guidelines provide quick access to prequalification procedures as well as advertisement for upcoming project opportunities. 


  • A&E Prequalification for major capital project design is conducted during November - March by the CSU Office of the Chancellor for July eligibility of that year through June of the following year. Application instructions can be found here: CSU AE Prequalification
  • Contractor prequalification for major capital projects ($1,103,00 and more) is handled by the CSU Office of the Chancellor and may occur any time 10 business days prior to bid. Prequalfication applications are good for a one-year period. Application instructions can be found here: CSU Contractor Prequalification

CSU Links

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Design Standards