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Safety Training Requirements 2024
Quarterly Training  Training Topic
1st Quarter Respiratory Protection (CSU Portal)
  Bloodborne Pathogens (CSU Portal)
  Fall Protection (CSU PORTAL)
  Heat Illness (CSU PORTAL)
2nd Quarter Back Safety (CSU PORTAL)
  Lockout Tagout (CSU PORTAL)
  Active Shooter (CSU Portal)
3rd Quarter Asbestos/Lead Safety Awareness (CSU PORTAL)
  Fire Prevention/Emergency Action Plan (CSU PORTAL)
  Hazardous Materials/SPCC (CSU PORTAL)
4th Quarter TBD
Annual Review  


Safety Training Requirements 2024 - Design and Construction Services
Semi - Annual Training Training Topic
January - June Respiratory Protection (CSU Portal)
  Fall Protection (CSU Portal)
  Heat Illness Prevention (CSU Portal) 
  Asbestos/Lead Safety Awareness (CSU PORTAL) 
July - December
  Cart / Vehicle Safety (CSU Portal)


Safety Training Requirements 2024 - BBS - Administration
Semi - Annual Training Training Topic
January - June Active Shooter (CSU Portal)
  Slips, Trips, and Falls (CSU Portal)
  Back Safety (CSU Portal)
  Ergonomics (CSU PORTAL)
July - December Fire Prevention / Emergency Action Plan 9CSU Portal)