BBS Information Technology Group



BBS Information Technology

BBS Information Technology Group

The Information Technology Group within the Physical Planning, Construction, Energy and Facilities Management services and maintains the technology infrastructure essential for the applications utilized by BBS staff. This infrastructure includes multiple file, application, and database servers, as well as personal computers, printers, and laptops, plus state-issued mobile phones, radios as well as various other electronic devices and specialized systems.

​Key Responsibilities

  • Manage various application servers that host data to help make better facilities management decisions
  • Ensure all users have the best technology they can to help them with their jobs
  • Ensure PCs, printers, and laptops are configured used, and performing optimally
  • Ensure all multi-user applications are operating reliably and used optimally
  • Ensure state-issued radio phones and smart phones are configured, running, and used optimally


  • Provide the best technological tools to manage campus facilities, energy and maintenance.
  • Optimize the performance of our most crucial software programs by performing tune-ups, data cleansing, and version upgrades where appropriate
  • Provide a more consistent and easily configured user experience through the use of the campus domain, Active Directory services, PC stored images, central ITS shared drives and printer queues
  • Analyze and streamline financial and other business processes through the use of existing technologies and software
  • Implement a consistent equipment (server, PC, laptop, state-issued radio, smart phone) replacement strategy to increase reliability and to reduce support costs


  • Team work:  We value team building and team work so we regularly cross-train and document our internal processes to allow for task reassignments
  • Customer Service:  We also value great customer service so we treat all of our customers with respect and consideration by being available for questions and by resolving problems quickly and completely.
  • Smart Tools:  We embrace the use of industry tools such as Active Directory and Group Policies to provide a sustainable and reliably consistent user experience to our customers.
  • Proactive:  We are proactive by implementing quality improvement strategies and by investigating and eliminating root causes of problems to prevent them from recurring.
  • Training:  We work to get the most out of our information and technological resources by constantly training our customers and ourselves.