Landscape Master Plan

The Landscape Master Plan seeks to identify important aspects of the campus landscape and its systems as well as provide recommendations on how to preserve and enhance the campus environment for generations to come. With over 322 acres, the CSULB campus landscape is host to a variety of different plant materials, open spaces, buildings, and infrastructures all with the common purpose of serving its students, faculty , and the community.  Equally important to the physical environment of the campus are the complex systems that operate within the physical campus environment such as ecological systems, social interactions and circulation patterns.

The existing campus landscape features a colorful and robust landscape palette.  However, much of the campus has high irrigation demands which are costly and not sustainable. Other areas, although attractive, demand constant maintenance.  With over 150 acres of softscape on campus, the maintenance and irrigation costs are very costly (approx $182,000 was spent on irrigation in 2009).

Understanding the physical and functional campus environments is key to successful planning for the present and future campus landscape.

The goal of the Landscape Master Plan is to bring together all parts of the campus through a series of initiatives and create “One Campus”.


  • Improve and enhance pedestrian promenades within parking areasto facilitate a safe campus
  • Provide a central campus open space and pedestrian axis
  • Strengthen campus identity within the Long Beach Community
  • Improve pedestrian circulation
  • Improve bicycle circulation and infrastructure
  • Implement sustainable approaches to water usage, stormwater fi ltration,and improving the urban forest.
  • Provide for a stronger continuity of open spaces throughout the campus.
  • Improve the overall quality of the campus experience.
  • Add site specific and drought tolerant plants to the campus plant palette