The Motor Vehicles department, also referred to as the “Auto Shop,” consists of a staff of trained mechanics that provide cost-effective repairs and maintenance to the CSULB community’s 300 plus fleet and transportation vehicles. 


  • Manages Fuel Dispensing Stations
  • Vehicle Inspections & Repairs
  • Vehicle Purchasing Approvals  

Gasoline Stations

The Auto Shop manages the gasoline dispensing stations.

Vehicle Inspections

In order to minimize the risks and liabilities to the University, the Auto Shop closely monitors the University’s compliance with all federal, state and university codes and regulations related to fleet management and assists campus departments with all required vehicle inspections.

All departments with state-owned vehicles are subject to the campus motor vehicle inspection policy whether or not the department contracts with Facilities Management for services.  If outside services are used, proof of routine services performed must be forwarded to the Campus Fleet Administrator in Facilities Management.  If a department contracts with Facilities Management to satisfy compliance requirements, Facilities Management will assume responsibility for maintaining all required vehicle inspection reports and scheduled maintenance documentation with the exception of the weekly inspection reports that must be completed by individual campus departments. 

Electric Cart Rental

You can submit a request for this service.

Vehicle Purchases

Requisitions for all vehicle purchases on campus must be forwarded to the Campus Fleet Administrator in Facilities Management for approval prior to any new vehicle purchase.  The Campus Fleet Administrator’s role is to verify that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified that the desired vehicle model meets emission standards and to arrange for inspection of the new vehicle when it is delivered to the campus.  Upon approval of the purchase requisition, the Campus Fleet Administrator must forward the requisition to the campus Purchasing Department for further action.


Automotive Identification and Access to Inner Campus Policy (PDF)

Vehicle Traffic Map (PDF)

CSU Fleet Policy