RTP Open Period - College of Engineering (COE) Candidates

Updated September 2023

RTP Open Period - College of Engineering (COE) 

The following individuals are candidates for reappointment, tenure, and/or promotion:

Biomedical Engineering

  • None

Chemical Engineering

  • None

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management 

  • Lisa Star (Promotion to Professor)
  • Vesna Terzic (Promotion to Professor)

Computer Engineering and Computer Science 

  • Muhammmad Abdul Basit Ur Rahim (Reappointment)
  • Mehrdad Aliasgari (Promotion to Professor)
  • Min He (Promotion to Professor)
  • Ju Cheol Moon (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)
  • Xiaolong Wu (Promotion to Professor)

Electrical Engineering 

  • Anna Lee (Reappointment)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

  • Christiane Beyer (Promotion to Professor)
  • Eun Jung Chae (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)
  • Ehsan Madadi Kandjani (Reappointment)
  • Surajit Roy (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)