Professional Data Sheet (PDS) Guidelines

August 11, 2021

The following procedures should be followed by the candidate in preparing the PDS

  1. Use a separate page to begin each category (A-E).
  2. Present all information chronologically or in reverse chronology and provide relevant dates of activities.
  3. Recommendations concerning reappointment or tenure will be based only on work completed since the beginning of the initial probationary period (which may include the one or two years immediately preceding the candidate's appointment, if the candidate was granted probationary credit for those years). Recommendations concerning promotion will be based only on work completed since the initial probationary appointment (including prior service credit) or since the last promotion. So that the candidate's recent record may be reviewed in the context of their full career, all achievements should be listed, with a double bar separating work to be evaluated from earlier work.

Professional Data Sheet Categories

A. Academic Preparation and Honors

  1. Degree, institution, year, major, other education.

  2. List academic awards and honors.

B. Teaching Activities

  1. Current teaching and/or administrative assignment.

  2. Field of special competence. (Include areas of special competence bearing on teaching effectiveness.)

  3. Teaching assignment. (Include list of all courses taught by semester, statement of teaching methods and philosophy if not addressed in the narrative, innovations, preparation of course materials, special responsibility for classroom or lab facilities, curriculum development, efforts to accommodate student differences, etc.)

  4. Participation in student activities (advising, sponsorship, etc. other than routine advising during office hours or registration periods).

  5. Evidence of Student Learning Outcomes

C. Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities

Publications (include bibliographical data and whether the publication has been juried/ refereed), papers delivered to scholarly organizations (indicate whether the paper was invited or refereed), exhibitions or shows of creative works, evaluated public performances, research grants, awards and recognition by learned societies, contributions and participation in organizations of state or national scope and other related activities reflecting credit in terms of professional standing and recognition to the University.

D. University and Community Service Activities

  1. Membership and positions on faculty committees – University, College, and Department. List dates and describe degree of participation or responsibility such as reports authored, programs or policies implemented, and offices held.
  2. Activities in the profession/community. (Include activities, dates of activities, positions held, etc., which are related to your professional field or which bring substantial beneficial recognition to the University.)

E. Other

Contributions reflecting credit in terms of your professional standing and recognition which have a bearing upon your University teaching, scholarly and creative activities, or university or community service.