Preparation of Primary and Supplemental Materials

Fall 2019

Materials Submitted by Candidate

Primary File Materials

  • Candidate Status Sheet
  • Professional Data Sheet
  • Vitae (if required by College RTP Policy)
  • Narrative
  • Index of Supplementary Materials
  • Additional required documentation per your College RTP Policy

Supplementary Materials

  • Student Evaluation Summaries (and raw data, if submitted)
  • Documented evidence of teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and service (i.e., syllabi, exams, scholarly publications, manuscripts, paper presentations, exhibits, service commendation letters, etc.)
  • Prior RTP and Mini reviews


  • Responses/Rebuttals (optional)

Materials Added by Evaluators

  • Open Period Index of Materials
  • Open Period Materials
  • Department Committee Recommendation
  • Department Chair Recommendation (optional)
  • College RTP Committee Recommendation
  • Dean Recommendation (or final decision in some reappointment cases)
  • Any revised/adjusted recommendations based on responses/rebuttals
  • Provost Final Decision