PME and ETF Open Period - College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Candidates

Updated November 2023

PME and ETF Open Period - College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Candidates

The following individuals are candidates for Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME) or Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (ETF):

Africana Studies 

  • Eva Bohler (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Maulana Karenga (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

American Indian Studies

  • Thomas Reed (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Kara Miller (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Sachiko Sakai (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jeanelle Uy (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Karen Quintiliani-Hodgson (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Steven Rousso-Schindler (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Asian and Asian American Studies 

  • None


  • None

Chicano and Latino Studies

  • Loretta Ramirez (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Christopher Rosales (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Dario Valles (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Maythee Rojas (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Clorinda Donato Center

  • Clorinda Donato (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Communication Studies 

  • Katrina Hanna (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Sun Young Park (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Manuel Pulido (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jennifer Asenas (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Ann Johnson (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Comparative World Literature 

  • Crystal Lie (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Andre Harrison (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Xuemei Liu (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Wade Martin (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Steve Yamarik (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Tom Do (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Tina Matuchniak  (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Sarah Arroyo (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • John Scenters Zapico (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Norbert Schurer (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Mystyn Mills (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Isacar Bolanos (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Rajbir Judge (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Ulices Pina (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Preeti Sharma (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Andrew Jenks (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Margaret Kuo (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Emily Soule (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Human Development 

  • Chang Huang (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Samiha Rahman(Periodic Mini Evaluation) 

International Studies

  • Richard Marcus (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Teresa Puente (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Daniel Paskin (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Anna Bax (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Rezenet Moges-Riedel (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Charles Wallis (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Political Science 

  • Matthew Lesenyie (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Ezgi Yildiz (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Cora Goldstein (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Kevin Wallsten (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Jason Whitehead (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Barbara Caplan (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • David Illingworth (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Karissa Miller (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Religious Studies

  • None

Romance, German and Russian Languages and Literatures

  • Carmen de Campo (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Robert Chlala (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Roberto Ortiz Ortiz (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Nielan Barnes (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Carole Campbell (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Kristine Zentgraf (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies 

  • None