PME and ETF Open Period - College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Candidates

Updated October 2023

PME and ETF Open Period - College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Candidates

The following individuals are candidates for Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME) or Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (ETF)

CHHS Instruction

  • None

Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management

  • Ernest Chavez, Jr. (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Kylil Martin (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Skyler Morgan (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Connie Ireland (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Rebecca Nash (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Zheng Wang (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Tae Im Han (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Matthew Jaurequi (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Gail Frank (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Jung Mee Mun (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Health Care Administration

  • Rebecca Perley (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jeremy Ramirez (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Health Science 

  • Brian Kwan (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Heidi West (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Scott Ducharme (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Amanda Ellis (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Portia Resnick (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Samuel Zeff (Periodic Mini Evaluation)


  • Cleddhy Arellano (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Laura Conahan (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Sharon Konrad (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Physical Therapy 

  • Vennila Krishnan (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Public Policy and Administration 

  • Tianshu Zhao (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Recreation and Leisure Studies 

  • Katherine Dudley (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Social Work 

  • Joanna Barreras (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Carol Leung (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jason Plummer (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Brian Lam (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Chikako Nagai (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Speech and Language Pathology 

  • Salim Alani (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Shriya Basu (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Margaret Vento-Wilson (Periodic Mini Evaluation)