PME and ETF Open Period - College of Engineering (COE) Candidates

Updated October 2023

PME and ETF Open Period - College of Engineering (COE) Candidates

The following individuals are candidates for Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME) or Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (ETF):

Biomedical Engineering 

  • Seyed Ahrar (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Maricela Maldonado (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Ga Young Suh (Periodic Mini Evaluation)

Chemical Engineering 

  • Ji-Hwan Kang (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Sergio Mendez (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management 

  • Laurie Huning (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Amr Morsy (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Shams Tanvir (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Kim Joseph (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Computer Engineering and Computer Science 

  • Amir Ghasemkhani (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Amin Rezaei (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Hailu Xu (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Todd Ebert (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Xiaolong Wu (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Electrical Engineering

  • Ava Hedayatipour (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • James Ary (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

  • Tairan Liu (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Mortaza Saeidijavash (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Christiane Beyer (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Babak Minaie (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Parviz Yavari (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)