PME and ETF Open Period - College of Business (COB) Candidates

Updated October 2023

PME and ETF Open Period - College of Business (COB) Candidates 

The following individuals are candidates for Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME) or Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (ETF):


  • Xiaoqi Wang (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jiarui Zhang (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Hyeesoo Chung (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Sanjian Zhang (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Yong Hyuck Kim (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Aslihan Salih (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Yulong Ma (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
  • Chanwit Phengpis (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Information Systems

  • Hyungmin Chung (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)

Management and Human Resource Management

  • Yoonhee Choi  (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Michael Ekema (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Jonathan Phan  (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Ho Shin  (Periodic Mini Evaluation)
  • Xuemei Su (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)


  • Hieu Nguyen (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)