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CHRS Recruiting Built in PageUp

Welcome to CHRS Recruiting in PageUp for faculty and academic administrator recruitments at CSULB! Here you will find video tutorials specific to your role in the recruitment process, as well as contact information for technical support, process guidance, and training.

How to Access CHRS Recruiting in PageUp

CHRS Recruiting in PageUp is conveniently located in CSULB’s Single Sign-On Dashboard. Simply log in using your CSULB username and password at Single Sign On and click on "CHRS Recruiting (PageUp)." 

Resources By Role


Task-Specific Videos for Department Recruitment Coordinators

Task-Specific Videos for Department Chairs

Task-Specific Videos for College Recruitment Coordinators 

Task-Specific Videos for Deans and Associate Deans

  • How to access CHRS Recruiting in PageUp
  • How to access shortlisted applications (semi-final/finalist applications) - (Coming Soon)
  • How to Bulk Compile/Download/Send (Coming Soon)
  • How to access search docs (Coming Soon)
  • How to access reports (Coming Soon)

Need Assistance?

The Faculty Affairs PageUp recruitment team is here to assist you throughout your search. If you have questions about recruitment processes, require technical support, or would like to schedule training, please contact:

Catherine Light
Lead Recruiter
Office of Faculty Affairs 
Remote: Microsoft Teams
Korin Coombs
Office of Faculty Affairs
Remote: Microsoft Teams