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Residential Dining Guide


The Forty Niner Shops, Inc. is pleased to welcome you to Residential Dining Services at CSULB! The Shops are a non-profit organization, and Dining Services are committed to providing you delicious and nutritious food in a friendly environment that promotes learning and community building.

This booklet has been designed to give you an overview of our services.  You may also visit us at to learn more about the dining options in your dining hall and at various campus locations.

Our registered dietitian has partnered up with the residential management and culinary team to create menus that meet your needs.  These menus are based on a 5 week cycle and are complemented with a deli bar and salad bar, fresh fruit, and homemade soups are just a few of the special amenities you will find daily in your dining room – your home away from home.

We value our employees and invest in their training and development.  All of our staff members are California Food Handler certified and receive continuous culinary training from culinary professionals.  They will be happy to meet you and learn about your dining needs.

Also, please mark your calendar to make sure you participate in the special celebrations, picnics, themed meals, and other exciting events that are sure to add exuberance to your dining experience.  We are glad you are here!

Your Residential Dining Services Team

Dining Hall Guidelines

Dining Services Resident Meal Plans
CSULB Residential Dining Services offers a quality and diverse food service program designed to meet resident’s dietary needs.  Residents are required to purchase a meal plan when they enter into a contract with housing.

Family, friends, and all other guests are welcome to enter any Dining Halls by paying the guest rate at the door.  Each resident is also given three (3) free guest meal swipes per semester in which they can bring in guests. The resident must be present to swipe in their guest for entry.

Dining Hall Entry
All residents must have their valid CSULB ID card present to be swiped by the dining hall checker to verify your meal plan in order to receive dining hall access.  All CSULB ID cards must have a clear visible picture of the resident on the card to gain access. You may be asked to briefly to take off your mask if checker cannot verify your identity.

All meal plans are nontransferable.  It is prohibited for the resident to permit an unauthorized user to use their CSULB ID/meal plan to gain entry to the residential dining areas.

Lost or Damaged Campus ID Card: If you lost your Campus ID card or your Campus ID card is damaged that the dining hall checker cannot verify your meal plan, you must get a replacement in order to obtain access to the dining halls.  The ID card services office is located inside the University Bookstore.  You may contact the ID card service (562) 985-7388 if you have any additional questions.

In the event the campus ID card service office is closed, you will need to obtain a Dining Hall Authorization form from the Housing Service Center.  The Housing Service Center will verify if the student is a resident of the halls.  The authorization form will allow the resident to temporarily access the dining hall for meals until the campus ID card service office is open (ex: weekends).

If the resident loses his campus ID card, the resident must present a pictured government issued ID or picture ID with their name to verify that he lives in the halls.  A Dining Hall Authorization Form may also be obtained from the dining hall supervisor to temporarily gain entry to the dining hall for meals.  This also applies to Campus ID cards which may be damaged or the dining hall cannot verify meal plan.

Each resident is given three (3) occurrences in a semester in which to gain entry into the dining hall without a valid CSULB campus ID by using the Dining Hall Authorization form.  After the resident has exhausted all three occurrences, resident will not be allowed to access the dining hall until they can provide a valid working campus ID card.  If resident cannot provide a valid working campus ID card, resident may purchase a meal by paying guest rate at the door.  If the resident does not want to purchase a meal, the dining hall will provide a sack meal for the resident.

Guest Meal Rate
Guests may enter the residential dining areas by paying the guest meal rates

Breakfast          $9.10                                        Lunch               $11.10

Brunch             $11.10                                      Dinner              $12.70

Policies and Procedures
To ensure resident’s health and safety, the University asks that the following Dining Hall policies and procedures be followed.

  • Shoes, shirt, and pants must be worn at all times inside the Dining Halls.  Pajamas/Lingerie, Bathrobe/Towel as cover ups and Bathing Suits are also not allowed in the dining halls.  All residents and guests must be dressed appropriately for a dining establishment.
  • No bags, large purses or backpacks are permitted in the dining halls.  Do not leave any valuables in the dining hall cubbies/lockers.
  • The dining halls are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Only Service Animals are allowed inside the dining halls.  Emotional Support Animals are not allowed inside the dining halls.
  • Residents are not permitted to bring their own food, mugs, cups, sports bottles, containers and outside food into the dining halls due to sanitary and health reasons.
  • Please take a clean plate every time you get your food.
  • Residents are not allowed behind the sneeze guard areas.
  • Please use tongs to pick up your food where indicated.

We have an allergen identification program on our menu boards to assist our residents in making their food selection.

Residents are to buss their own plates, cups, utensils to the dish return station before leaving the dining hall.  We ask that you dispose of the trash in the marked trash and compost receptacles.

This is an “all you care to eat” meal program and we ask you be mindful of waste.  You are welcome to eat as much as you like with the exception of Steak night.

Residents are not permitted to take food out of the dining hall.  All food must be consumed inside the dining hall.  If you are not able to dine in the dining halls, you may take a sack lunch to-go or

Participate in the Green Beach to-go program.  Tokens are provided to each resident at the beginning of the fall semester.  The tokens are used to redeem a Green Beach to-go container and cup.  They are the only containers that are available to take to-go meals.  Soiled boxes and cups can be exchanged for a clean set when entering the dining hall.  There is a charge to replace lost boxes, cups and tokens.  All to-go boxes, cups and tokens are to be returned to the dining hall at the end of the spring semester.

In addition:

  • Please be respectful to all food service staff. 
  • Please be mindful of using the specific indicated serving utensil when getting your food to prevent cross contamination.  We have many residents with food allergies.
  • The dining hall menus are posted online for each semester.  Some menu items may be subject to change.
  • Dining Hall hours are also posted online.  Residents may choose any of the three dining halls to dine at for any meal period throughout the week.  See posted signage for any closures during holidays.
  • Allowing another person to use your Campus ID card to enter the dining hall is not permitted.  Your Campus ID card may be confiscated by the dining hall staff until the original owner comes to claim the card.
  • All meal plans are not transferable and any unused meals are not refundable.
  • Residents are to swipe or pay each time they are to enter the dining hall even if you are not going to eat.
  • Swipe at the end of your meal if you plan to use your Green To-Go Meal program if you are to miss our next meal period.  You are not allowed to dine in if you have a Green To-Go Container.
  • In consideration of the dining hall access for all residents, a maximum of four (4) guest meals may be purchased during any one meal period.
  • Dining halls do not allow any horse play, throwing of food, napkins, and plates when inside the dining hall.  Decorum related matters will be addressed with University Student Conduct.

Special Dietary Needs
Any resident with special or restrictive dietary needs are encouraged to speak with the Residential Dining Managers or the Residential Dining Dietitian.

Sick Trays
Sick trays can be ordered for residents who are not feeling well and unable to attend a meal period.  You must obtain a sick tray request form from the Service Center and submit the form with the resident’s ID card to the Dining Manager on duty.  When doing so, dining hall manager will ask that you mark the selections provided and allow 30 minutes for the dining hall kitchen team to prepare your sick tray.  The sick tray selection is designed for residents who are not feeling well; therefore, regular menu options will not be provided.

What We Have to Offer

Our 5 week cycle menu offers a great variety of options and combinations.  We also offer a vegetarian and/or vegan entrée every day and carry many dairy and meat alternatives.  All dining halls have these options available at all times.  Menu items may be subject to change.

  • Cereal Bar with a variety of cereals, milk, and milk alternatives.
  • Deli Bar where residents can make their own sandwiches and wraps with a variety of deli meats, meat alternatives, cheese, veggies and condiments.
  • Salad Bar with a large selection of vegetables, fixings, salad dressings and even a soup selection.
  • Beverage Stations where you can enjoy teas, coffee, fountain drinks and juices.
  • Made to order requests allow residents to order grilled chicken breasts, cheese quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches at any time during lunch and dinner.
  • Ice Cream Novelties are available after 11am.
  • Omelet Station closes 30 minutes before the end of breakfast or brunch meal period.

Transitional Meal Times
There will be some transitional meal periods whereby the dining hall staff needs to transition from one meal period to another therefore all menu selections will not be available.

Special Dietary Requests
Any residents with special dietary need or restriction, please speak to the dining hall manager or speak with our residential dining hall dietitian.

Sick Trays
If you become ill and cannot make it to the dining hall for meals, you can obtain a sick tray request form from your hall service center and submit the form with CSULB ID to the dining hall manager on duty to prepare your meal.

Green Beach To-Go Program

All residential dining facilities offer a Green To-Go Box and Green Cupanion for all students who are short on time or do not wish to eat in the dining hall.

  • Pick up your first (FREE) Green To-Go Box Token and Green Cupanion Token at the check-in station on move-in day.
  • You may begin to use the program immediately after you receive your box.

How it Works:

  1. Bring your Green To-Go Box/Green Cupanion to any of the residential dining halls, fill up with food and beverage, and go on your way.
  2. When finished, bring your empty, rinsed Green To-Go Box or Green Cupanion back to the Residential cashier and receive a clean one in return.
  3. If you choose to turn in your Green To-Go Box or Green Cupanion but do not want a meal to-go, we will give you a token to redeem a box at your next visit.
  4. Repeat, over and over!!
  5. Take out your food guilt-free and enjoy!

*At the end of the Spring Semester, please return all tokens, Green To-Go Box and Green Cupanion Cup to your Dining Hall.

If you are unable to make it to a meal during serving hours, you may prepare a meal to-go.  The checker will deduct a meal swipe and you will use the Green To-Go box/Green Cupanion.  Only one To-Go Box per meal period.  If you are using the To-Go Box, you will not be able to stay in the dining hall.


Dining Hours

MON – FRI                               PARKSIDE                                HILLSIDE
Breakfast                               7:00am – 10:00am                 7:00am – 10:00am
Lunch                                      11:00am – 2:30pm                 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner                                     4:00pm – 8:30pm                   4:00pm – 8:30pm

Brunch                                    9:30am – 1:30pm                   Saturday at Hillside
Dinner                                     4:00pm – 7:30pm                   Sunday at Parkside

Mon – Fri  7:00am – 8:30pm  210 Block Plan, continuous dining available
Sat & Sun  9:30am – 7:30pm  210 Block Plan, continuous dining available


Dining Hours

Breakfast                               6:30am – 9:00am
Lunch                                      11:00am – 1:30pm
Dinner                                     5:00pm – 8:30pm

Brunch                                    11:00am – 1:30pm
Dinner                                     5:00pm – 7:30pm

Mon – Fri   6:30am – 8:30pm  210 Block Plan, continuous dining available
Sat & Sun   11:00am – 7:30pm

Note: Only one Dining Hall is open on the main campus during University holidays & campus closures.

Dining Menu Meal Plans

Dining Menu Meal Plans
Our 5 week cycle menu offers a great variety of options and combinations for seven (7) days a week including breakfast, lunch and dinner items on weekdays and brunch and dinner items on weekends and University holidays.  We also offer vegetarian and/or vegan entrees.  In addition to the cycle menus, you will find a list of items that are included in your menu every day.  See 5 week cycle menu online at

10 Meal Plan
This plan allows 10 meals per week at any residential dining facility anytime during the posted hours of each location.  Residence hall students may enter any dining facility once per meal period and eat as much as they want up to 10 meals per week.

19 Meal Plan
This plan allows 19 meals per week at any residential dining facility anytime during the posted hours of each location.  Residence hall students may enter any dining facility once per meal period and eat as much as they want up to 19 meals per week.

210 Block Plan
This plan allows 210 meals per semester.  Meal plan information is stored on the Beach Card, and residents “swipe” their Beach Card every time they enter the dining halls at any residential dining facility anytime during the posted operating hours of each location.  Unused meals are not refundable.  This meal plan allows you to bring in a maximum of three guests per meal period, the meal plan card holder must be present to swipe them in.

All Unused Meals Are Not Refundable
Flex dollars are included with some meal plans and allow the student to purchase food at any 49er shop dining and convenience store locations.  Flex dollars are non refundable.

Meal Plan Guidelines

  • Regardless of the meal plan chosen, a meal plan holder may bring three (3) guests per semester without any additional cost.
  • All Meal Plans are nontransferable.  You are not allowed to give another person your campus ID card to swipe for a meal or gain entrance into the dining hall.
  • All campus ID card must have a clear visible picture of the resident accessing the dining hall.  You may be asked to briefly to take off your mask if checker cannot verify your identity.
  • You must swipe or pay each time you come into the dining hall even if you are not going to eat.
  • You are not allowed to stay in the dining hall if you are using the Green To-Go meal program. 
  • In consideration of dining hall access for all residents, a maximum of four (4) guest meals may be purchased during any one meal period.


Environmental Statement

The Forty Niner Shops are committed to doing our part in protecting our Environment.  While you dine with us, please help us reduce waste by only taking what you can eat and only take the utensils and napkins that you will use.  We do our part by supporting initiatives that preserve our Earth’s limited resources and we are continually researching and trying new products that support our commitment to the environment.

Student Employment

Work right next to where you live and the hours that work best with your class schedule and life style.  We offer flexible hours in a fun and upbeat environment.  You may qualify for a scholarship or promotion when you work with us.

Apply Online at: