Residential Dining FAQs

The meal plan you chose for the fall academic semester will begin on the first day of fall classes, August 22, 2023.

If you need to change the meal plan you had chosen for the fall semester, you will have to notify the Housing and Residential Life office with your request.  The deadline to apply for meal plan change is Friday, August 25, 2023.

We realize that our students may have class schedule conflicts, group project meetings etc, so we do offer a meal to-go option.  You may pack a meal to go for the meal period you will not be able to attend by utilizing our reusable Green Beach to-go container and reusable to-go cup. You will need to notify the checker when you access the dining hall and let them know you want your meal to go.  You will be able fill up the reusable container with food and take it to go.  The checker will take off a meal swipe. No dine in.  Please refer to our dining hall guide for more information.

We know that our students may become ill and will need some “home away from home” comfort foods such as chicken noodle soup, Jello, juice, to aid a speedy recovery.  All you have to do is notify your building RA or Village Service center and they will give you access to the “Illness and Injury Online Food Request Form”.  You can then order chicken noodle soup and other items on our menu.  This form can also be used for those students who may have gotten injured and unable to leave their room.  You will need to submit your meal request before 6am for the same day delivery.

We strive to provide a large selection of products for customers who have special dietary needs.  The information on our menu items contain the most common allergens based on the information provided by our suppliers.  Our normal kitchen operations may involve shared cooking and preparation areas.  Because of this, there may be trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, sesame seeds or other allergens in menu items.

We have an allergen identification menu signage program.  We identify the Big 9 allergens on the menu board of the food item we are serving on the service line. This can assist our students when they are making food choices in the dining hall.  Please feel free to also contact your dining hall manager and they can assist you or you can also contact our Residential Dining Registered Dietitian, Jenny Lew, R.D. for any special dietary needs.

We have a Residential Dining Registered Dietitian on staff, Jenny Lew, R.D. who you can make an appointment to discuss your special dietary needs.  Email


For all other inquiries, please contact Jenny Lew, R.D., our Residential Dining Registered Dietitian on staff.  She can be reached at 562.985.8898 or via email at