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Digital Textbooks

Digital textbooks or e-books are available at CSULB through our vendor partners. Depending on the e-book provider, you can view or download them onto your laptop, mobile device, or access them on the web. Providers allow access for a specific date range, usually 180 days. Features such as printing, taking notes, and highlighting are also dependent on the e-book provider.

Currently, there are three ways to check if your textbook is available in an e-book format:

  • CSULB Digital Bookstore Through Red Shelf 

The CSULB Bookstore has partnered with Red Shelf to create our own digital bookstore. Visit to see if your textbook is available as an e-book. Search by title or ISBN.

E-book offerings through Red Shelf will also be listed on Beach Book Compare if available.

  • Through

When you search for your books through the bookstore comparison website (, an e-book option will appear if it is available.

From Our Vendor Partner

Beach Book Compare

 From The Web

Beach Book Compare Example

  • Through the Day One Digital Access (D1DA) Pilot Program 

D1DA is a pilot program, which you get free access to the digital textbook on day one of classes. Free access is available through BeachBoard, and students will be prompted to opt-in and pay if they would like to retain access by the add/drop deadline. Publishers have partnered with bookstores to provide these digital textbooks at a significantly reduced price compared to the national new book price.

As D1DA is a pilot program, there are currently only select classes. Please check BeachBoard to see if your class is part of the D1DA program.