Textbook Options

The University Bookstore is committed to providing you with options tailored to your study needs, learning style, and budget. Several cost-saving programs and products are listed below. At the Forty-Niner Shops, our mission is to encourage and support your success at CSULB.

Thousands of textbook titles at the University Bookstore are now available as rentals. Renting textbooks can substantially lower your college expenses by saving up to 80% off the new book price. Grab a copy right off the shelf, or search our website to see if your books are available as rentals. Rent them, read them, and return them! For the full text of the Rental Agreement, click here.

Traditional textbooks have remained the preferred choice for students and faculty alike. To better serve those that prefer printed material, we offer multiple formats of both new and used textbooks. Acquiring used books is always top priority, and as many as possible are bought back from students during finals. We then search nation-wide for used copies of a title. New books are only ordered when necessary, in the least expensive format.

Textbooks printed in a loose-leaf or 3-hole-punch format are currently the least expensive format for a new text. Loose-leaf texts allow you to carry only a portion of the book at a time and re-use your 3-ring binders. Custom books, printed just for your instructor, are always more affordable, and bundles or packages can be much less expensive than buying the books separately. Check with your instructor to see if they are offering a loose leaf packet or bundle for your upcoming course.

Digital textbooks, or e-books, are the same versions of a textbook, but they are accessible either as a download or on the internet. Thousands of titles are available in this paperless format at approximately half the price of traditional textbooks. If a textbook is available in a digital format, it will automatically be listed as an alternative on the University Bookstore website. Digital content is typically accessible for 180 days.

To help every student make the most informed course material choices, the University Bookstore also offers instant, online price comparisons with BeachBookCompare. When a class and textbook is selected, all available formats and prices will immediately be listed, including new, used, rental, digital, and more! Take your pick and order online for convenient delivery or in-store pick-up. Price comparisons can also be checked on computer kiosks near the textbook aisles in the store. 

The Forty-Niner Shops University Bookstore is committed to providing CSULB students with affordable options for course materials. If you would like more information or individual assistance, please call, write or visit today.