Letter of Recommendation

University Honor applicants require a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or professor who can speak to their promise or potential in their chosen field as part of their application.  Once an applicant submits their online application, an automated email is sent to their indicated recommender to submit the Letter of Recommendation in PDF format.  It is strongly recommended for applicants to submit their online application at least one week before the deadline to give their recommender ample time to upload their Letter of Recommendation.

Information to Provide to Your Recommender

We suggest selecting a recommender who can speak to your potential in your chosen major/field.  In addition, we suggest contacting your Recommender early to allow them enough time to write a strong letter of recommendation on your behalf.  To aid you in your communication to your recommender, below we have provided suggested topics for your recommender to focus on while crafting your letter of recommendation.

Suggested Topics for Recommendation Letters:

  1. In the University Honors Program, we value leadership, community engagement and global learning. Please provide specific examples where the applicant demonstrated any or all of these, or where the applicant shows potential to do so.
  2. Please comment on the applicant’s performance, potential, resilience, or other personal qualities as compared to your other students. Please provide specific examples.
  3. Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant's response

Note: The signed recommendation must be on official letterhead (school or university) and the document name must include the full name of the student you are recommending.  For example, "Jane Smith Letter of Rec.pdf".