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Virtual Learning Resources

Below is a listing of available virtual learning resources to use for class lectures and discussions. Additional recordings will be uploaded as they become available.

CSULB Sustainability also offers in-class presentations throughout the academic year on various topics ranging from climate crisis solutions to public health impacts of climate change. 


Available Recordings


Climate Justice = Social Justice Series

Live Keynote and Q&A with Renowned Thought- Leader on Climate Justice

Recording Date: 10/5/20
Description: Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali is an internationally renowned thought-leader, strategist, policymaker and activist committed to the work of moving our most vulnerable communities from “surviving to thriving.” Join him for a live keynote and Q&A  to discuss social, racial, and climate justice issues. 

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Why Your Vote Matters w/ U.S. Senator Cory Booker

Recording Date: 10/20/20
Description: Join U.S. Senator Cory Booker for a live Q&A panel discussion about the critical role students can play in creating a just and sustainable society.

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Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

Recording Date: 10/1/2020
Description: Join the Center for Sustainable Energy/Clean Vehicle Rebate Project for an informative workshop on clean vehicle rebates, carpool privileges, and other benefits Electric Vehicle ownership has to offer.

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Bike the Town: Becoming a Bike Commuter

Recording Date: 10/23/20
Description: Join Pedal Movement to learn about game-changing bike accessories, city paths, CSULB bike-share discounts, safety tips, and more! Overcome the barriers to becoming a regular bike commuter by tuning into this informational virtual event.  

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Edible Garden Cooking Workshop

Recording Date: 10/19/20
Description: Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, join Sustain U to learn how you can grow your very own edible garden and make delicious fall-inspired meals at home!

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Reducing Food Waste: Q&A w/ a Registered Dietitian

Recording Date: 10/16/20
Description: Tune in for an Instagram Live Q & A with a CSULB Registered Dietitian to learn tips for reducing food waste while cooking at home!

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