Resources for Student Organizations

Student Life & Development provides many resources to enhance the success of student organizations. We have designed four manuals called "SHELLS" (Successful Higher Education Leadership Learning Skills) that are intended to help student organizations maximize their potential.

You will also find details about the many resources available for student organizations such as advisors, policies, procedures, and websites. *Note: Adobe Reader is required to view (.pdf) files.

SHELLS Documents Description Downloadable
Financial and Budgetary Manual The Financial and Budgetary Manual helps student organizations develop strong financial and budgetary plans. Included are tips on the Associated Students, Inc. Grant Application process, suggestions on how to develop a budget, information on fund-raising, and several useful sample forms for ensuring a successful financial budget. - MANUAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION  
Officer Manual The Officer Manual helps student leaders become successful event planners and organizational leaders. Each chapter takes you from event conceptualization, through authorization, and then to implementation. - MANUAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION  
Officer Training and Transition Manual The Officer Training and Transition Manual helps student organizations with the training and transition process for outgoing and incoming officers. Included are resources on recruiting officers, implementing officer transition retreats, a sample leadership agreement form, and a sample meeting checklist.
Organizational Meeting Manual The Organizational Meeting Manual provides information on how to run successful organizational meetings. Included are resources on designing agendas, taking minutes, and Robert's Rules of Order.

Associated Students, Inc. Forms Downloadable
Grant Application 2019-2020
Download Excel Version
Student OrganizationTravel Application 2019-2020
Download Excel Version
Student Organization & Student Travel Grant Application INSTRUCTIONS can be found HERE  
All other ASI FORMS can be Found HERE  

Campus Regs, Policies & Procedures Downloadable
Campus Regulations Handbook  
Campus Scheduling Policies and Procedures brochure
Campus Publicity and Postings Regulations brochure
Hazing Prohibitions

Food Requirements & Procedures Downloadable
CSULB Food Handing Procedures
Food & Bake Sale Flow Chart
Food & Temperature Requirements
Food Facility Checklist
Food Handling Requirements
Off Campus Food Handling Workshop Schedules

Event Planning Downloadable  
Using the CSULB Name & Logos for Branding & Marketing Purposes  
Marketing in Housing (Request Process)    
Approved Vendors List  

Fundraising Policies & Procedures

Information about Tax ID, Restaurant Fundraisers, Donations, Sponsorships, and W-9.

Fundraising Policies & Procedures Page  
Associated Students Gift Record Form Student Organization Gift Record  
Associated Students Gift-in-Kind Notification Form ASIGift-in-KindNotification  
Associated Students W-9 Request Form W-9 request form  
Fundraising Ideas  
Fundraising Donation Letters - Sample Sample Donation Letters


Event Planning and Program Regulation Clearance Process  

Insurance Requirements  

Officer Orientation Workshop

2021-2022 Material Pending Updates


Program Budget - Sample

Download Excel Version

Program Participant Evaluation - Sample

Download Word Version

Program Planning Evaluation - Sample

Download Word Version

Program Planning Checklist - Sample

Download Word Version

Program Timeline - Sample

Download Word Version

VIP Invitation Protocol  

Student Organization Forms Downloadable  
Procedures for Name and Constitution and Bylaw Changes
Download Word Version
Constitution and Bylaws Template

Download Word Version