Faculty Or Staff Advisors

Coordinating an event can be relatively easy if you organize and simplify the process. Remember, your SLD advisor is available to help you in planning your events and programs. All CSULB student organizations have two advisors; an advisor from SLD and a faculty or staff advisor. Both advisors play an important part in fostering student organizations that function effectively and smoothly. By sharing personal experience and knowledge about the University, advisors assist organizations with meeting their goals.

Each student organization is assigned to an SLD Advisor. Faculty/Staff Advisors are selected and voted in by the student organization. Faculty/Staff advisor responsibilities are mutually negotiated between advisors and students. Often, valuable mentoring relationships can develop between advisors and students. The following points encompass the roles of the advisors.

  • Clarify program goals and objectives
  • Assist in event planning and establishing timelines
  • Generate ideas to publicize your event
  • Generate ideas to recruit and retain members
  • Assist with budgeting and Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) grants
  • Understand the University regulations and policies
  • Build your leadership and organizational skills
  • Generate ideas to solve problems
  • Help organizations connect to referrals and resources
  • Maintain your organization's structure
  • Understand and abide by your Constitution & Bylaws
  • Attend your events
  • Maintain a connection with your officers and members
  • Generate ideas to recruit and retain members
  • Train incoming officers for transition
  • Generate ideas on how to maintain a record of your organization's accomplishments

Organization officers should seek a working relationship with their advisors in order to maximize the valuable roles that SLD and faculty/staff advisors can play. As early as possible, new officers should meet with their advisors to discuss the organization's mission and goals, mutual expectations, and areas where the advisor can offer the most help. Although the advisors may not be able to attend all meetings, officers should invite their advisors to one of the year's first meetings to greet new members and to explain their roles. Finally, before the end of the year, officers should meet with the advisors to discuss group progress, the effectiveness of the advisory relationship, and recommendations for the next set of officers.

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