Stephen Benson Learning Disability Program

About the Program

The Stephen Benson Program for Students with Learning Disabilities (SBP) was created in 1980 to serve the needs of CSULB students who have a diagnosed learning disability.


Learning disability (LD) assessment services are currently suspended due to the COVID-19. 

Students who are interested in being placed on the waitlist should contact the BMAC front office (562-985-5401) to obtain a Learning Differences Screener application.

Services Provided

A learning disability can interfere with a student’s ability to assimilate or process information in several ways. The purpose of the SBP is to provide students, with documented learning disabilities, a support system to assist them in attaining their academic goals. The program provides guidance for clarification of issues related to learning disabilities and makes recommendations for accommodations. In addition the SBP conducts a Special Admissions Process which is explained in detail on the link indicated below.

The Stephen Benson Program is a part of the Bob Murphy Access Center at CSULB. The office is located in the Shakarian Student Success Center (SSSC-110). For more information please call the office at (562) 985-4430.


Special Admission Information