Lois Shakarian Educational Support Services Program

About the Program

The Lois Shakarian Educational Support Services Program (also known as Support Services) provides campus, classroom, and alternative testing accommodations for BMAC-registered students with disabilities.

BMAC's Alternative Testing Policies and Procedures

Alternative testing accommodations for course-related quizzes, exams, and final exams are arranged through the Support Services program. These accommodations may include: extended time, a distraction-reduced testing location, and reader or scribe services, among other accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to request alternative testing arrangements from BMAC.

Online Exams

BMAC is asking that students and instructors work together to accommodate virtual exams that will be taken remotely or in the virtual classroom environment. If you have any questions about alternative testing accommodations for your online exams, please contact Support Services at BMAC-Exams@csulb.edu.

Face-to-Face Exams

BMAC-registered students seeking alternative testing accommodations for face-to-face exams should submit an exam request using MyBMAC at least ten (10) business days in advance of the scheduled exam date. To learn more about how to submit an exam request for face-to-face course exams using MyBMAC, please refer to the MyBMAC Information and Resources page on the BMAC website.

Please note that alternative testing appointment requests should only be submitted for face-to-face exams that will be taken at the BMAC office. Face-to-face exam appointments will be approved on a limited, case-by-case basis only for courses that are held in person.

Standardized Exams

Students should contact BMAC to obtain necessary information regarding alternative testing accommodations for University exams hosted by the University Testing Department, such as the GPE or CPT, and standardized exams (LSAT and CBEST). BMAC can provide verification letters and complete accommodation forms for these standardized exams upon request.

The Bob Murphy Access Center offers a variety of peer and assistive notetaking technology tools and accommodations to qualifying students. Please contact BMAC@csulb.edu if you have any questions about notetaking accommodations.

Accessible furniture is available for classroom placement for students who are approved for accessible furniture accommodations, or for students requiring size inclusive furniture. Please complete and submit the Accessible Furniture Request Form after you have attended the first class session and finalized your class schedule to confirm your need for accessible furniture. If you find the current furniture in the classroom does not accommodate your needs, BMAC will work with campus Facilities Management to place accessible furniture as soon as possible. Accessible furniture requests are fulfilled pending campus furniture stock availability.

BMAC Temporary Accessible Parking Procedures for Permanent and Temporary Disabilities

On the CSULB campus, accessible parking may be offered for students with a DMV disabled placard and/or appropriate medical verification for a permanent or temporary disability impacting parking access. Students must submit a Temporary Accessible Parking Request Form for review by BMAC staff. Along with the form, students must provide a DMV disabled placard, medical documentation, and proof of a paid CSULB parking permit for their vehicle. Submit your completed Temporary Accessible Parking Request Form and corresponding materials to BMAC@csulb.edu for processing.

Temporary Accessible Parking Process

1. You MUST have a paid parking permit from CSULB before BMAC can issue temporary accessible parking. Submit your parking permit purchase receipt, DMV disabled placard and/or medical documenation, and your completed Temporary Accessible Parking Request Form to BMAC@csulb.edu for processing.

  • Parking permits can be purchased through your MyCSULB account or in person at the Parking Services Office. You will need to know your license plate number or the last 7 digits of your VIN in order to purchase a permit. ​

2. If approved by BMAC, BMAC will submit your information to Parking Services and you will receive an email stating the dates in which you may park in accessible parking lots. Do NOT park in those spots until the confirmation email from Cashiers has been received to your CSULB student email. Doing so before receiving an email may result in a parking ticket.

3. You must submit the Temporary Accessible Parking Request Form each semester if a new parking permit is purchased. For repeated requests, depending on the medical verification and/or DMV disabled placard expiration date, you may not be required to submit a copy of the verification or placard along with the Request Form again. ​

  • Please note that BMAC does not handle parking tickets. Please forward parking ticket concerns to Parking Services directly. BMAC will not accept the ticket.

In addition, for students with permanent or temporary DMV disabled placards:

  • You may park in any blue disabled spot, faculty, staff, student and white unmarked spot in approved accessible lots. Parking in a marked spot such as carpool, state vehicle, reserved, restricted, or the President's spot will result in a ticket.
  • Students MUST pay to park in the metered spots, even if you have a DMV placard.
  • When using the placard on the CSULB campus, you may not park in the loading zones for longer than the written time limit.

Visitors to the Campus Who Have a DMV Disabled Placard:

  • Visitors must follow all applicable state laws when using their DMV placard on the CSULB campus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have a placard?

  • If you don't have a placard, the application form is available on the DMV website. You will need to take the application form to your doctor to be signed and then to the DMV or AAA, in order to receive a DMV placard.

Is there a fee waiver for parking permits at CSULB?

  • The campus parking fee may be waived for students with disabilities who have a valid DMV disabled person placard or license plate and who meet the eligibility standards based on their financial information and documentation. Please see BMAC or the Financial Aid office for further assistance with this waiver.

Support Services can assist in loaning electric scooters for individuals with both permanent or temporary mobility limitations that impact their ability to navigate the CSULB campus. Please submit your completed Electronic Scooter Request form to Bmac@csulb.edu. Scooter loans are contingent upon availability. For more information about scooter loan services, please contact BMAC at BMAC@csulb.edu.