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Additional Information:

  • For some common courses, accommodation requests are managed partially or entirely by a course coordinator instead of the instructor.  It is important for you to know these contacts and follow up as needed with them.
  • When logging into MyBMAC for the first time, don’t forget to sign your e-agreements. You won’t be able to see your courses or generate your letters until you have done so.
  • MyBMAC letters are now customizable by course. When generating your Course Accessibility Letters, only select the accommodations that you are actually requesting in each course. Depending on the design of the course, you may only need to utilize some of your approved accommodations.
  • You are still required to meet with your instructors, discuss your accommodation requests with them and follow any applicable procedures.
  • For scheduling exams at BMAC, our deadlines remain the same.
    • Quizzes/midterms before week 3: submit ASAP
    • Quizzes/midterms occurring week 3 or later: 1 week in advance
    • Finals held during the University’s Finals Week
    • Finals held outside of Finals Week: 1 week in advance