BMAC Registration Steps for New Students

Students should review the California State University and BMAC Policies prior to submitting an application to register for BMAC services.


Step 1: Complete a BMAC Student Application


Step 2: Upload Supporting Documentation that specifies your disability, pregnancy-related diagnosis(es), or disability-related limitations/impacts.   

Some common examples of documentation include:  

  • Signed letter from your doctor or therapist on letterhead  

  • Medical Records  

  • VA Disability Rating  

NOTE: If you have an observable disability, no documentation is needed.  


Step 3: Attend Your Welcome Meeting  

  • Welcome Meetings are an Interactive Process between the student and BMAC Specialist. This will assist in the determination of reasonable accommodations, services, and resources. 

  • Once we review your application and documentation, we will email you to schedule a Welcome Meeting to discuss accommodations. Welcome meeting options include face-to-face and Zoom modalities. 

  • Your BMAC registration is not complete until after your Welcome Meeting.  

  • If you don’t see an email regarding your application within 3 business days, check your junk mail folder. If you didn’t receive an email, contact us at or 562-985-5401. 

Note: Once you are registered with BMAC, you only need to renew accommodations each semester through the MyBMAC chiclet on the SSO portal.