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Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy aims to promote the physical understanding of nature through dedicated research-based teaching, active learning, service, and innovative research at the highest level. Our majors and graduate students collaborate with faculty in experimental and theoretical research and gain hands-on experience with the latest developments in the field, opportunities that prepare them for successful careers in industry and higher education.

Recurring Events

  • Colloquium - weekly
    The Colloquium is a unique opportunity for students to learn about new developments in physics and what physicists do after they graduate.
  • Nights at the Observatory - weekly
    The Physics and Astronomy telescopes are located on the roof of the Hall of Science (HSCI) and are available for use every Tuesday evening during the academic year.
  • PhysTEC DemoDays - monthly
    Teachers from around the area come to CSULB to share some of their best demonstrations.

Special Programs

The following programs are available to CSULB students:

Additional information is available on Special Programs.