Physics Tutoring

The following opportunities to receive tutoring in physics are available.

Tutoring in PHYS 100A and 100B

Dr. Montserrat Geier, Lecturer Emerita in the Physics and Astronomy Department, holds tutoring sessions during Spring 2024. She has been teaching PHYS 100A, 100B until recently with great success and understands students' needs very well. She is an excellent resource.

Starting February 2 until May 10, Dr. Geier's tutoring availability is as follows:

Tutoring Physics 100A:
Fridays 12:00pm-2:00pm (PST)
Join 100A Zoom Room

Tutoring Physics 100B:
Fridays: 3:00pm–5:00pm (PST)
Join 100B Zoom Room

Note: Dr. Geier will not be available during Spring Break and other official campus holidays.

To contact Dr. Geier, please email

Tutoring for Other Physics Courses

SAS Peer Mentors offer free tutoring services for all students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) in a variety of lower- and upper-division science and math courses.

Additional Tutoring Programs on Campus

Lindgren Math Tutoring Center offers free tutoring in mathematics provided by tutors in the Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Additional tutoring programs are also available on campus.