Graduate Programs

Four graduate degrees are offered by the Physics and Astronomy Department:

Additional information can be found in the CSULB Catalog: Physics and Astronomy.

Student Testimonials

Enrique Hurtado

"Whether it's preparing you for a Ph.D program or industry, a Master's in Computational Physics from CSULB is a great foundation. I took the industry route, and found that the asset that I had was the ability to solve problems, not necessarily how much Physics I knew. This allowed me to be very versatile in my career; my roles were Test, Systems, Data analysis, and Software Development. The computational physics degree allowed me to move into any field that was necessary to advance my career, and ultimately to the one I desired: Software Engineering."

-Enrique Hurtado, M.S. Physics 2019. Enrique is currently a Software Engineer in Sunnyvale, CA.

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Please use the following information to apply to a graduate degree in the Physics and Astronomy Department.


The deadline for the Fall semester is generally May 31, and for the Spring semester is October 31. It is at least month earlier for international students. Please check with our advisors and department office. Note that we usually admit Fall cohorts and only on a case by case basis for the Spring.

How to Apply

Apply online at Cal State Apply. No separate application to the department is required.In your Cal State Apply application, your statement of purpose should contain:

  1. your goals beyond the Master's degree (what do you plan to do with the degree), and
  2. what Physics research you would like to pursue in the department if admitted.

Your personal statement and letter of recommendation will be forwarded to the Department if you meet the University's minimal admission requirements stated below. If you wish to send any additional material to support your application that is not mentioned or requested in Cal State Apply, please contact the graduate advisor:

Minimal Admission Requirements

  • BS or BA
  • GPA > 2.5
  • No GRE required
  • TOEFL > 550 or >80 (iBT) (for international students)

If you have a Bachelor in a field different from physics please contact the graduate advisor to determine the course of action. If you are interested in the APS Bridge Program, please contact the Bridge Site Advisor.