Upcoming Colloquium

Quantum Computing in the Cloud and Industrial Quantum Technology
Dr. Grant Salton, Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab

November 28, 2022
11:00am in HSCI-102

Grant Salton

Quantum computing promises transformative computational advances with wide ranging utility. While achieving this goal requires significant technological and scientific advancement, many companies have made sizable investments into this technology. Amazon has emerged as a front-runner in this space, with several approaches to leveraging quantum computing for its customers.

In this talk, we will begin with an overview of the quantum technology efforts underway at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the AWS approach to supporting customers (be they enterprise companies, startups, academic institutions, or individuals). We will then explore two recent quantum finance applications to understand how quantum computing can solve real-world problems (like options pricing and portfolio optimization), and what technological advancements are required to achieve the lofty goal of “quantum advantage.”

cat sitting in an amazon box
Fig. A cat sitting in an Amazon box.

The Colloquium is a unique opportunity for students to learn about new developments in physics and what physicists do after they graduate. Hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at California State University Long Beach, the weekly meetings invite guests from universities, research laboratories, and industry to present and discuss current topics in physics. All students are encouraged to attend for a well-rounded experience and training in physics.

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Upcoming Colloquia
Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
November 28, 2022 Quantum Computing in the Cloud and Industrial Quantum Technology Dr. Grant Salton, Amazon
December 5, 2022 Student Presentations Students, CSU Long Beach

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