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Upcoming Colloquium

Yongsheng Gao

Opportunities for CSU Students to Work at CERN with NSF IRES Grant
Dr. Yongsheng Gao, CSU Fresno

September 16, 2019
11:15am in PH1-223
Refreshments in HSCI-224 from 10:45-11:05am

The ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) experiment of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland discovered the Higgs boson ("God" particle) in 2012. ATLAS will remain a leading player in the post-Higgs era until at least 2030, possibly much longer. I will talk about opportunities for CSU students to work at CERN during upcoming summers with the CSU ATLAS group and support from a NSF International Research Experience for Students (IRES) grant. Over 90 students from 11 CSU campuses have worked at CERN on ATLAS research since 2008. ATLAS/CERN working experience prepares CSU students for their personal and professional success in an increasingly competitive, global, and multi-cultural society.

students at CERN

The Colloquium is a unique opportunity for students to learn about new developments in physics and what physicists do after they graduate. Hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at California State University Long Beach, the weekly meetings invite guests from universities, research laboratories, and industry to present and discuss current topics in physics. All students are encouraged to attend for a well-rounded experience and training in physics.


The Fall 2019 colloquia will start on September 9 and end on December 9.

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
September 23, 2019 The Explosive Astrophysics of Gravitational Waves Dr. Jonah Kanner, CalTech
September 30, 2019 TBA Dr. Pankaj Jha, CalTech
October 7, 2019 TBA Dr. Dave Hsieh, CalTech
October 14, 2019 TBA Dr. Igor Barsukov, UC Riverside
October 21, 2019 TBA Dr. Veronica Dexheimer, Kent State
October 28, 2019 TBA Dr. John Baez, UC Riverside
November 4, 2019 TBA Dr. Igor Beloborodov, CSU Northridge

Previous Colloquia

The following are Colloquia from this semester. The Colloquium Archive has the Colloquia from previous semesters.

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
September 9, 2019 Meet and Mix Faculty and Staff, CSU Long Beach


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