Forms and Documents


The following department forms are available:

Please contact the graduate advisor to obtain the template forms listed below. Once you receive the form, fill it out (typed, not handwritten) to the best of your knowledge and send it back to the graduate advisor. Then, schedule a meeting with the graduate advisor about your advancement to candidacy.

  • Applied Physics Advancement to Candidacy
  • General Physics with Computational Physics Emphasis Advancement to Candidacy
  • General Physics Advancement to Candidacy

Please submit the following forms via DocuSign when instructed by your advisor/supervisor with the link below.

GS 700 requires the signature of the graduate advisor. This form should only used after discussing the matter with the thesis and graduate advisors.

Please contact for the following Request Oral Defence forms.

All information related to the writing, submission process and deadlines can be found in Thesis and Dissertation Office. Note that the department highly recommends writing the thesis with LaTeX. Please contact the graduate advisor to obtain the template.

The travel forms are available on the Controller's Office Procedures and Forms. Please fill out the Travel Request for when traveling to any event on behalf of the university. The Travel Claim form is to be filled out, upon your return, if you will be getting reimbursed for any expenses incurred during your trip.



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