Pure Math Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Mathematics program trains students in mathematical concepts independent of application outside mathematics. The degree is granted to students who complete 30 units of course work and either pass two comprehensive examinations or fulfill the thesis/project requirement.

More information can be found in M.S. in Mathematics - CSULB Catalog (23-24).

Upon completion of the program, students seek jobs in industry, government, or academia. Some of the graduates continue on for a Ph.D. in other universities.

Degree Plan

Graduate students have the following options:

  • Thesis Option
  • Comprehensive Exams Option

Thesis Option

For the Thesis Option you need your abstract must be approved by the Pure Mathematics Committee.

Comprehensive Exams Option

For the Comprehensive Exams Option you must pass a comprehensive written examination in two areas of pure mathematics. See Comprehensive Exam Preparation for more information.