Context-Driven Tasks for Calculus

students huddled together to work on a math activity

The Expanding Students' Affect, Understandings, and Perceptions of Relevance Through Realistic Tasks in Calculus project is a collaborative effort across three large, public institutions (California State University, Long Beach–CSULB; California State University, East Bay–CSUEB; Long Beach City College–LBCC).

The focus of this project was to develop and pilot realistic (context-driven) tasks, some of which utilize real-time data and/or make connections to the local community to transform Calculus 1 students' experience at CSULB.

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Activities and Guides Available for Download

The activities and instructor guides for the project-generated tasks piloted in Calculus 1 here at CSU Long Beach are now available to download for free. We hope that you find them a useful resource in your own instruction!

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Principal Investigators

This initiative was led by the 4-PI team at the host institution (CSULB) along with support from faculty at CSUEB and LBCC.

  • Babette Benken, CSU Long Beach
  • John Brevik, CSU Long Beach (co-PI)
  • Brian Katz, CSU Long Beach (co-PI)
  • Chung-Min Lee, CSU Long Beach (co-PI)


This project was funded by the California Education Learning Lab.