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Mathematics Colloquium Archive

The following are the Mathematics Colloquia from previous semesters.

Spring 2020

Note: Most of the Colloquia were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
January 31, 2020 Radar Topics with Quantitative Examples Tim Rambach, Retiree from Raytheon

Fall 2019

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
November 22, 2019 Region Coverage from a Satellite ... (Insight into Industrial Mathematics) Dr. Gary Green, retired from Aerospace Corporation
November 19, 2019* Learning turbulence from deep learning Dr. Alessandro Corbetta, Eindhoven University of Technology
November 15, 2019 Bayesian Sparse Functional Principal Components Analysis Models Dynamic Temporal Changes in Longitudinal Microbiome Studies Lingjing Jiang, UC San Diego
November 8, 2019 Applications of Mathematics in Telecommunications Dr. Shabnam Sodagari, CSU Long Beach
November 1, 2019 Energy Stable Semi-Implicit Schemes for Allen-Cahn-Ohta-Kawasaki Model in Binary/Ternary System Dr. Yanxiang Zhao, George Washington University
October 25, 2019 On the interplay of functional analysis and operator theory Dr. Yunied Puig de Dios, UC Riverside
October 11, 2019 Property/Casualty Insurance Loss Reserving Methods Janet Duncan, UC Santa Barbara
October 4, 2019 Impacts of Cellular Heterogeneity on Hair Follicle Growth Dynamics Dr. Qixuan Wang, UC Riverside
September 27, 2019 Modeling Colony Pattern Formation under Differential Adhesion and Cell Proliferation Dr. Jiajia Dong, Bucknell University

Summer 2019

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
June 3, 2019 Pseudocompact spaces -- Various Characterizations Dr. Sudip Kumar Acharyya, University of Calcutta, India

Spring 2019

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 3, 2019 The Teichmüller TQFT Dr. Jørgen Ellegaard Anderson, Aarhus University, Denmark
April 19, 2019 Chemical Reactions and Diffusions Dr. Peyam Tabrizian, UC Irvine
April 12, 2019 Free-boundary Minimal Surfaces in the 3-ball with Connected Boundary Dr. David Wiygul, CSU Long Beach
March 8, 2019 Expanding Competence: Uncovering the Possibilities of Children’s Mathematical Thinking Dr. Nick Johnson, UCLA

Fall 2018

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
October 19, 2018 Mathematical Models of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Reservoirs Dr. Naveen Vaidya, CSU San Diego
October 12, 2018 Fibonacci and Lucas Analogues of Binomial Coefficients and What They Count Dr. Curtis Bennett, CSU Long Beach

Summer 2018

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
June 14, 2018 Characterizing pseudocompact spaces in terms of C-type intermediate rings Sudip Kumar Acharyya, University of Calcutta, India
June 8, 2018 Abundance of nonisomorphic intermediate rings of continuous functions Sudip Kumar Acharyya, University of Calcutta, India

Spring 2018

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
April 27, 2018 Study Gene Regulatory Networks Using Boolean Models Dr. Yi-Ming Zou, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
April 20, 2018 New Ranking Measures and Algorithms for Expanding Robust Group Decision-Making Frameworks Dr. Adolfo Escobedo, Arizona State University
April 18, 2018 Geometric Recursion Dr. Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Aarhus University, Denmark
April 13, 2018 CNSM Munch N' Learn. Students Speak: What Professors Should Know Students, CSU Long Beach
April 6, 2018 Finitely Additive Invariant Set Functions and Paradoxical Decompositions, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Axiom of Choice Dr. Adam D. Richardson, CSU Long Beach
March 16, 2018 How to Predict the Fate of Schrodinger's Cat Dr. Jim Stein, CSU Long Beach
February 23, 2018 Expansion Dynamics of Bacterial Populations Dr. Jonas Cremer, UC San Diego
February 16, 2018 RNA secondary structures enumeration and prediction and their relation to moduli spaces Dr. Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Aarhus University, Denmark
February 9, 2018 Interpolation of Manifold-Valued Functions Dr. Evan Gawlik, UC San Diego
February 2, 2018 Discrete Means: generalizing a theorem of Kolmogorov and social choice Dr. Curtis Bennet, CSU Long Beach

Fall 2017

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 1, 2017 Minimization of inhomogeneous biharmonic eigenvalue problems Dr. Chiu-yen Kao, Claremont McKenna College
November 3, 2017 Distribution of Descents in Matchings Dr. Gene Kim, USC
October 27, 2017 From Arrow's Social Choice Theorem to the compelling "dark matter" mystery Dr. Donald Saari, UC Irvine
October 20, 2017 Shooting from singularity to singularity and a semilinear Laplace-Beltrami equation Dr. Alfonso Castro, Harvey Mudd College
October 6, 2017 Mathematical Structures: Up Close and Afar Dr. Stacy Musgrave, Cal Poly Pomona
September 22, 2017 From Macro to Micro and Back: Complexity, Simplicity and Optimality of Bacterial Cells Dr. Matteo Mori, UC San Diego

Spring 2017

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
June 8, 2017 Relation between z-ideal and z^0-ideals in intermediate ring of continuous functions Dr. Sudip Acharyya, University of Calcutta, India
June 6, 2017 Some new results on real valued continuous functions on a space X whose support lie on ideals of closed sets in X Dr. Sudip Acharyya, University of Calcutta, India
May 5, 2017 Proof Comprehension at the Undergraduate Level: An Exploratory Study Dr. Eyob Demeke, CSU Los Angeles
April 14, 2017 Spectra of compact composition operators on bounded symmetric domains Dr. Dana Clahane, Fullerton College
March 17, 2017 Using Visual Art, Crafts and Music to Demonstrate Mathematics Dr. Benjamin Dyhr, Metropolitan State University

Fall 2016

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 2, 2016 Non-Locality, Contextuality, and Topology Dr. Kohei Kishida, University of Oxford
November 18, 2016 Outer Space and the Outer Automorphism Group of the Free Group Dr. Catherine Pfaff, UC Santa Barbara
November 10, 2016 The Remarkable History of Exponents and Logarithms Dr. Bob Stein, CSU San Benardino
October 28, 2016 Simulating Space: Role of Advanced Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification in JPL Missions Dr. Lee Peterson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 21, 2016 Data Science, Data Services, a Sabbatical Reflection Dr. Khue Duong, CSU Long Beach
October 11, 2016 Lipschitz metric for a nonlinear wave equation Dr. Geng Chen, University of Kansas
September 23, 2016 JPL Robotics Dr. Gabriel Udomkesmalee, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
September 2, 2016 Nuclear Engineering for Everyone Dr. Minh N. Tran, UC Davis

Spring 2016

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 6, 2016 Clots or not? Mathematics making the invisible visible Dr. Ami Radunskaya, Pomona College
April 29, 2016 Generalized Wronskians and linear dependence of formal power series Dr. Wai Yan Pong, CSU Dominguez Hills
April 22, 2016 A Relational Category of Formal Contexts Dr. M. Andrew Moshier, Chapman University
April 8, 2016 Hearing the Shapes of Surfaces of Revolution Dr. Thomas Murphy, CSU Fullerton
March 4, 2016 Liberal Arts Math Dr. Jim Stein, CSU Long Beach
February 19, 2016 Geometry in the Dark Ages: Games of Shadows and Lights Dr. Bogdan Suceava, CSU Fullerton

Fall 2015

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
November 13, 2015 Part I: Collaborative Filtering and the Yelp Dataset
Part II: Python Introduction
Students, CSU Long Beach
October 30, 2015 Two Applications of the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves Dr. Jasbir Chahal, Brigham Young University
October 23, 2015 Compact manifolds with integral bounds on the negative part of Ricci curvature and the Kato class Dr. Christian Rose, Technische Universität Chemnitz
October 16, 2015 From Residuated Lattices to Boolean Algebras with Operators Dr. Peter Jipsen, Chapman University
October 9, 2015 Energy driven pattern formation in thin fluid layers: The good, the bad and the beautiful Dr. Andrew J. Bernoff, Harvey Mudd College
September 11, 2015 Numerical Simulation of Solvent Stokes Flow and Solute-Solvent Interface Dynamics Dr. Hui Sun, UC San Diego

Spring 2015

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 15, 2015 Old and New Approximations for Bessel Functions Dr. Mark Dunster, CSU San Diego
April 24, 2015 Alternating Volume, a Hyperbolic Invariant of Knots Heidi Furlong and Leslie Rodriguez, CSU Long Beach
April 17, 2015 Analysis of 2+1 Diffusive-Dispersive PDE Arising in River Braiding Dr. Charis Tsikkou, West Virginia University
March 27, 2015 Graph Representatives of Positroid Strata Dr. Michaela (Puck) Rombach, UCLA
March 13, 2015 Can one hear the shape of a drum?---An Introduction to spectral theory in math physics Dr. Shiwen Zhang, UC Irvine
March 6, 2015 Crimes with Undergraduates Dr. Scott McCalla, Montana State University
February 27, 2015 Mathematica 10 & Wolfram Alpha Pro Paul Fish, Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research
February 20, 2015 The Differential Geometry of the Maxwell Equations Dr. Casey Kelleher, UC Irvine

Fall 2014

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 5, 2014 A Nonlinear Model for Tumor Growth: Global in time weak solutions Dr. Konstantina Trivisa, University of Maryland
November 14, 2014 Dynamics of a soccer ball Dr. Scott Crass, CSU Long Beach
November 7, 2014 Secure Computation and its Applications Dr. Mehrdad Aliasgari, CSU Long Beach
October 17, 2014 How Wide is a 3-Manifold? Dr. Diane Hoffoss, University of San Diego
October 10, 2014 Variational image segmentation with dynamic artifact detection and bias correction Dr. Dominique Zosso, UCLA
October 3, 2014 Topic Point Processes Dr. Blake Hunter, Claremont McKenna College
September 26, 2014 Knots, Fiber Surfaces, and the Building Blocks of Life Dr. Matt Rathbun, CSU Fresno
September 19, 2014 Geotagging One Hundred Million Twitter Accounts with Total Variation Minimization Dr. Ryan Compton, HRL Laboratories
September 12, 2014 An invitation to Floer homology Dr. Ko Honda, UCLA

Spring 2014

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 9, 2014 Topological symmetry groups Dr. Erica Flapan, Pomona College
May 2, 2014 Recent results on axially symmetric Navier-Stokes equations Dr. Qi Zhang, UC Riverside
April 17, 2014 Geometric Methods for Graph Partitioning Dr. Braxton Osting, UCLA
February 28, 2014 The Sound of Symmetry Dr. Zhiqin Lu, UC Irvine

Fall 2013

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 6, 2013 Augmented Birack Homology Dr. Sam Nelson, Claremont McKenna College
November 15, 2013 A Generalized Left-to-Right (GLR) parser for Tree-Adjoining Grammars (TAG) using Matrices Nen Huynh, CSU Long Beach
November 8, 2013 Involutory Quandles of Knots Dr. Jim Hoste, Pitzer College
October 25, 2013 Categorification and the Alexander polynomial Dr. Kristen Hendricks, UCLA
October 11, 2013 From Soap Films to the Shape of Space Dr. David Bachman, Pitzer College
October 4, 2013 An Illustrated Approach to Special Relativity and Its Paradoxes Dr. John dePillis, UC Riverside
September 27, 2013 Adventures in Noether-Lefschetz Theory II: Base Loci, Singularities, and Class Groups both Geometric and Algebraic (Joint work with Scott Nollet at TCU) Dr. John Brevik, CSU Long Beach
September 20, 2013 Kauffman Brackets on Surfaces Dr. Francis Bonahon, USC
September 6, 2013 Adventures in Noether-Lefschetz Theory I: Curves, Surfaces, and Curves on Surfaces Dr. John Brevik, CSU Long Beach

Spring 2013

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 3, 2013 A Brief Overview of Financial Mathematics Dr. Triet Pham, USC
April 19, 2013 Using Forcing to Obtain a Model of the Continuum Hypothesis Dr. Cynthia Northrup, UC Irvine
April 12, 2013 Cardiovascular Event Risk Dynamics Over Time in Older Patients on Dialysis: A Generalized Multiple-Index Varying Coefficient Model Approach? Dr. Damla Senturk, UCLA
March 22, 2013 Mathematical Modeling of Language Dr. Jacquelyn Rische, UC Irvine
February 15, 2013 Incidence Algebras Dr. Muge Kanuni, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
February 1, 2013 Digital Microfluidics via Electrowetting Dr. Ali Nadim, Claremont Graduate University
January 25, 2013 Exploring Ground States and Excited States of Spin-1 Bose-Einstein Condensates Dr. I-Liang Chern, National Taiwan University

Fall 2012

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 7, 2012 Numerical Modeling of Transport Processes in the Subsurface Dr. Antonella Sciortino, CSU Long Beach
November 30, 2012 Biomedical signal processing for the improvement of health care of patients with brain-related disorders Dr. Shadnaz Asgari, CSU Long Beach
November 16, 2012 Machine learning, Balance cut and Total variation Dr. Thomas Laurent, UC Riverside
November 9, 2012 Statistical Challenges in Molecular Diagnostics Dr. Ming Ji, CSU San Diego
October 19, 2012 Fluids and Boundaries Dr. James Kelliher, UC Riverside
September 28, 2012 A Little Big Problem in Graph Theory Dr. Robert Mena, CSU Long Beach
September 21, 2012 Motion of Fluids in the Presence of a Boundary Dr. Gung-Min Gie, UC Riverside

Spring 2012

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 4, 2012 Mathematics and Astronomy, Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion Dr. Arlo Caine, Cal Poly Pomona
April 20, 2012 Shape optimization problem involving principal eigenvalue in population dynamics Dr. Chiu-Yen Kao, Claremont McKenna College
April 13, 2012 Helping Ford’s Fleet Customers Reach Their Sustainability Goals Through Optimization Dr. Daniel Reich, Ford Motor Co. Research and Advanced Engineering
February 24, 2012 How to Distinguish a Football from a Basketball Mathematically Dr. Jeremy Jankans, UC Irvine
February 17, 2012 Does a Statement of Whether Order Matters in Counting Problems Affect Students' Strategies? Dr. Todd CadwalladerOlsker, CSU Fullerton
January 27, 2012 Stability theory of polytropic gaseous stars Dr. Juhi Jang, UC Riverside