Southern California ARML

In Memory of Dr. Kent Merryfield

The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) annual competition brings together the nation's finest students. They meet, compete against, and socialize with one another, forming friendships and sharpening their mathematical skills. Since its inception in 1976, ARML has snowballed, burgeoned, and mushroomed into a national program, involving thousands of students from almost all states and many foreign countries. The contest is written for high school students, although some exceptional middle school students attend each year. The competition takes place every year, the weekend following the Memorial Day, at four locations nation-wide (Penn State, University of Georgia, University of Iowa, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas).

ARML 2021 Official Site

ARML 2021-2022

Schedule of practice sessions for Southern California ARML (all meetings are via Zoom until further notice):

  • September 25, 2021
  • October 30, 2021
  • November 20, 2021
  • December 18, 2021
  • January 15, 2022
  • January 29, 2022
  • February 19, 2022
  • March 19, 2022
  • April 23, 2022
  • May 14, 2022
  • May 21, 2022
  • May 28, 2022

See Practice Sessions below for more information.

About Southern California ARML

The Southern California ARML is a non-incorporated youth education organization that provides training to mathematically gifted youth in order to prepare them for the national ARML competition. More generally, we strive to create a stimulating environment for learning mathematical concepts, and to provide an opportunity to students to build their professional networks.

Eligible Members

The following individuals are eligible to be members of Southern California ARML:

  1. intellectually talented school-age students (grades 6-12) who are interested in learning mathematical concepts and who are capable of acquiring sufficient knowledge to take part in the competition
  2. all parents and/or guardians of the students
  3. educators who are involved in coaching the students

Members of our organization must be residents of the following Southern California counties:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Kern
  • San Bernardino
  • Riverside

Membership in the organization is free. Families are expected to volunteer for snack donations for practice sessions.

How to Join

To join Southern California ARML, please email Dr, Olga Korosteleva ( with the following information:

  • your name
  • your school
  • your grade level
  • student's email address
  • parent's/guardian's email address

Practice Sessions

Regular practices sessions are held throughout the academic year on Saturdays, 1:00-4:00pm (see the schedule of practices in 2021-2022). All meetings are via Zoom.

Students are welcome to practice with us even if they don't plan to go to the national competition (if it is held in May 2021). Typically, out of 60-65 students who practice with us intermittently throughout the academic year, about 45 actually attend the competition. The cost of participation in the competition last year was $200 per person. It included a team registration fee, bus rental, and lodging at the site. All expenses are split evenly among all participants (students, coaches, and adult chaperones).

If you plan to attend one of these practices, please email Dr. Olga Korosteleva ( with the following information:

  • your name
  • your school
  • your grade level
  • student's email address
  • parent's/guardian's email address
  • names of any other persons from your school who will come to the practice

Handouts and Problems

We use a private forum on the Art of Problem Solving to post the handouts and problems we use at the practice sessions. If you don't have an account on the Art of Problem Solving website, please create one and connect to "DrKevin" who will add you to our private forum.

Meet the Coaches

  • Dr. Olga Korosteleva, Head Coach
    Professor of Statistics at California State University, Long Beach
  • Mr. Charles Beilin, Co-Coach
    Mathematics Teacher at Beckman High School in Irvine
  • Dr. Kevin Wang, Co-Coach
    Academic Director at Areteem Institute in Irvine