2022 Team Building at Camp Fire Long Beach

Twelve METRIC students and five program personnel attended the welcome orientation on September 5, 2022, in Camp Fire Long Beach. The students and faculty connected deeper through a series of low-rope team-building activities (group juggling, rocking dock, and dodge ball). Through these experiential learning experiences, students got a chance to reflect and practice their team-working, leadership, time management, help-seeking, and problem-solving skills.

The purposes of the event were meant to:

  • build camaraderie
  • allow students to discover their inner strengths and develop those strengths through structured activities
  • provide a safe environment to stimulate students' leadership, problem-solving, and team-working skills
  • provide students in-person opportunities to build relationship with discipline mentors
  • disperse program information

Event Video

The following video includes clips of activities throughout the day.

Event Photos

Camp Fire 2022 Participants
Back row, left to right: Alejandro, Dr. Buonora, Nhavin, Dr. Klotz, Adrean, Keanu, Candice, Hannah, Marrianah, Edwin, Javier. Front row, left to right: Dr. Chang, Maria, Dr. Bernal, Malinali, Miontranese. Not photographed: Dr. Balbas.
Sharing challenges and joys
The event started with the group sharing with each other what has been challenging so far and what is bringing people joy.
meditation and breathing exercise
A 2-minute meditation exercise.
Planning the group juggling activity
Group juggling activity: The group strategized a way to get the ball through everyone's hand with the fastest time.
Executing the group juggling activity
Group juggling activity: The group ended up finishing it with the best record of 6.17 seconds. Through this exercise, the participants talked about multi-tasking, time management, performing under pressure, and support structure.
high fives all around
All My Peeps Activity: Everyone taking turn to come up and find peeps who share the same interest with them.
Rocking dock activity
Rocking Dock Activity: The group needs to work like team to figure out the best way to get everyone on the rocking dock without the dock touching the ground more than twice.
Dodgeball activity
Dodge Ball Activity: One member of each pair is blindfolded and standing inside the inner circle. The partner who is on the outside needs to instruct their blindfolded partner to hit the other people inside the circle. The activity allowed the participants to practice their leadership and communication skills.