2022 METRIC Graduation

Published May 26, 2022

In 2022, six of the students from our first cohort (2019) graduated. The CNSM graduation ceremony took place in Angel's Stadium on Tuesday, May 17. As we celebrated METRIC students' accomplishments and success, we also said goodbye to Dr. Chuhee Kwon (Physics mentor) who retired at the end of Fall 2021.

Graduation always brings a bittersweet feeling to many of us. Below are some of the things our graduating scholars said about METRIC and their mentor, highlighting the impact of this program and the mentors had on the students.

"I’m so grateful for the mentorship METRIC has provided me since being in the program and has been a major component for me to reach my career and academic successes!" - Jessica Rogado, Physics

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me all these years. METRIC, Dr. Chang, and Dr. Stevens were truly a blessing in my life. I am thankful for this opportunity and for the opportunities that have come from this program." - Annika Gonzales, Geology

"I want to say thank you once again, to the entire committee for accepting me, to Dr. Stevens for recommending me, for this prestigious scholarship. Also, Jen-Mei, I am so appreciative of all the work and time you commit to making this not just tuition money, but also something special to just be a part of. I feel so privileged to be in the company of those selected for this scholarship." - Demetria Eves, Geology

"Now that I reach the end of my journey as a METRIC scholar, I recognize that I never thought it would even be possible to think about graduate school without the help of Dr. Chang. I know that the phrase "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" resonates with me, and of course, I do not think it goes to that extent of failing, but I understand that not having a clear plan as to what exactly I want to do can put me behind. I am aware of this, so I will do whatever it takes not to stand still and always move forward and not reach that position of falling behind. Even though sometimes I will not know which way to go or the correct path, I know that I have the support of this METRIC program and my mentor to guide me. I could not be more grateful to meet such a wonderful and supportive family." - Wendolyn Lopez, Mathematics

"Thank you, Dr. Chang, for always believing in us even when some of us failed to believe in ourselves." - Jordyn Helaire, Mathematics

"Thank you for believing in me and helping me throughout college! When I met you, I was a confused and lost freshman - super close to changing my major because Math 233 was so tough. Being in METRIC helped me find the guidance and support I needed. Not just in terms of an adviser, but in having a math cohort. It was nice to have friends in the same math class as me. The support changed me! If you had asked me at the beginning of college if I could see myself where I am today, I would've thought you were lying. I didn't know what a PhD was, or what a REU was, or what research even was! And if I had known what those things were, I never thought I would be good enough for it. Your support and encouragement have changed that.

As I am graduating, I have done some reflection on the mathematician that I have become. I am much more confident in my abilities than I was when I started college. I have learned many things and learned how to think differently. I am going to pursue a PhD at Iowa State University, and that is something I never thought I would be capable of. Thanks to METRIC, I have learned of so many opportunities and have had a very supportive advisor who believed in me. The program has had an immense impact on my growth as a mathematician, and I am very grateful to have been a part of it." - Cyna Nguyen, Mathematics

Event Photos

METRIC mentors Chuhee Kwon, Laura Henriques, and Jen-Mei Cha

METRIC graduates

METRIC graduates with Jen-Mei Chang

METRIC graduates with Andrea Balbas

graduates with Jen-Mei Chang and Elaine Bernal