2022 Family and Friends Mixer

Published January 13, 2023

The 2022 Family and Friends Mixer took place on December 9 at the Anatol Center on campus. More than 30 family and friends of the METRIC students joined for a night of celebration and fun.

The event started with two icebreaker activities followed by a holiday-themed buffet dinner, and a formal welcome and introduction of the program organizers. During dinner, a slideshow of alumni highlights was playing in the background. Multiple alumni talked about how their scholarship program helped shape them into the people they are today and provided some words of wisdom for the current students. Some current scholars shared how the program has impacted them financially and academically. The event ended with a holiday game and group photos.

METRIC's Family and Friends Mixer serves many important purposes:

  • Introduce the family to this community of support.
  • Educate the family about many things related to STEM studies.
  • Allow METRIC students to further connect with each other and remind them the importance of community.
  • Provide METRIC students an opportunity to connect with program alumni.

Event Photos

METRIC Family Mixer 2022 attendees
Some of those who participated in the 2022 Family Mixer.
Welcoming attendees
METRIC Program PI, Dr. Jen-Mei Chang, welcomed the crowd and introduced the rest of the team.
Andrea Balbas sharing her experiences
Geology mentor Dr. Andrea Balbas addressed the group and shared some of her personal stories in her educational journey.
family members smiling
Family members in attendance smiling for the camera.
Alex Klotz sharing his perspectives
Physics mentor Dr. Alex Klotz addressed the group and shared some of his perspectives as a mentor in METRIC.
Diana Gonzalez sharing her experiences
Former Mathematics student Diana Gonzalez talked to the group about how the previous scholarship program PSMS helped her during her academic journey.
Marianah sharing her experiences
Current Physics scholar Marianah shared her experiences in METRIC.