Speaker Series

The Graduate Programs in Business Speaker Series was launched Fall 2020 to feature executives from different industries sharing their ideas and expertise around disruptive technology, new business model innovation, and business continuity. These executives also discuss the skill set that the 21st century MBA needs to excel during this digital transformation.

As we add to our line-up of speakers, we will let you know so that you can learn more about the challenges that business leaders are facing in this new environment.



“I think MBAs would benefit greatly from general background in data science – understanding that data is the new currency in business and that the ability to exploit the data available to you as an organization (e.g. from enterprise systems, IoT devices, customers, competitors) is a key competitive advantage.”  

Michael Wang | Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Digital InnovationEpson


“Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again” Graeme Wood, The Atlantic  

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EPSON – Exceed Your Vision"

“How many of you know that EPSON was started by Seiko Corporation in Japan? The full name of the company is Seiko Epson Corporation.”

Scott Sturcke, Director of Marketing, Creative Services, and Video Production 

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