Tech Repair Services

Laptop running slow? How about a quick virus check for your computer? The University Bookstore provides technology services to CSULB students, faculty, and staff. View our complete list of services, offerings, and warranties below.

A diagnostic fee of $20 will be charged for each device. This fee is payable when a diagnostic is performed and a repair quote is provided, but will be waived if the repair is completed.

  • Tier 1 Starting at $30*
    • Minor software-related issues
    • Troubleshooting
    • Device setups


  • Tier 2 Starting at $60*

    • Minor hardware repairs including:
      • Keycap
      • IO board
      • Audio jack
      • Ram installation
      • Hard drive upgrade
      • OS reinstallation
      • Data migration


  • Tier 3 Starting at $100*
    • Major hardware repairs including:
      • Displays
      • Batteries
      • Keyboards
      • Trackpad
      • Touch ID
      • Logic Board

* The prices listed above are an approximation. A quote of the actual price will be given before proceeding with any repairs. Prices are based on average repair time of issues listed above and do not include any additional services or replacement parts that may be needed.


The bookstore offers trade ins on major brands for multimedia players, laptops, desktops, phones and smart watches. To get an instant quote and find out if your device is accepted, visit the trade in program at the link below.

Learn about our trade in program

Students, staff, and faculty have access to different softwares for their use. To see what softwares are available, visit the software depot page on your SSO login page or the link below.

Learn how to utilize Software Depot

  The Bookstore provides warranties for the major tech brands. AppleCare+ is provided for most Apple (Add company TM)products and can be purchased annually.

SafeWare (Add TM) is a college campus specific insurance plan for your technology. With basic and pro versions in 1, 2, and 3 year plans, you can protect your devices from accidental damages. Filing claims are easy and fast.










Apple Macbook top down view