Featured Alumni

From the architects of our alma mater's golden era to the alumni of tomorrow, we love to get to know members from every generation of the Beach Family. Learn about the lives of your fellow CSULB alumni- the classes that shaped their ambitions, the organizations that influenced their career paths, the experiences that made campus life unforgettable.

Ron Brown '94

Looking back, Brown said he encourages business students and alumni to find a place that allows them to use “their head and their heart.” “The work is difficult,” he said. “So make sure you’re going to combine those two [logic and passion], because that allows you to persevere.”

Ralph Black ’77

Originally a mathematics major, Black decided to make a career out of advocacy after seeing the impact it had during his time with the DSC. Black would go on to earn a law degree and devote much of his career to expanding opportunities for students in higher education, including advocating for students with disabilities.

Marshall Goodman '13

“There were a lot of hip-hop and rap, punk rock and any style of music you can think of [it was] floating around Long Beach. But that in essence is what created the platform for Sublime, which is definitely multi-culture in regards to music expression... That is the closest tie, the most definitive tie to the cultural atmosphere of my upbringing,…

Josef Lemoine

“What I do here with Walt Disney Imagineering, I actually get to create a place where people can have their own story or experience a story and I love that.”

Allie Bussjaeger

"So much of what I learned at CSULB, I was able to take to the organization as far as networking, organizing, leadership and how to work with a broadened community."

Shauna Gates

“I am able to use what I learned in the CSULB program in my everyday career. It was a full time gig but, all my professors from the program were available to me.”

Karen Moderow

I would never have had the skills to create the Brain Injury Foundation website were it not for the foundation in writing and literature I received at CSULB.

Evan Baumeister

Going back to school after 13 years was a daunting prospect for Evan Baumeister, but CSULB gave him that second chance at pursuing an education.

Gabe Middleton

Remembering his time at CSULB, Gabe said he loved his professors and was able to relieve a lot of his insecurities in his neuro-psych classes, learning to analyze personalities. He still uses those skills in management today.

Derek Pye

Even with numerous awards, titles, and world records, Derek maintains that his greatest accomplishment was receiving a scholarship to CSULB.

Theresa Reyes

Theresa, an alumna of the Illustration/Animation Department, put her imagination to work in her senior year and who now holds a highly-coveted animator position at Pixar Studios.

Steve Lagna

Steve Lagna was one of the original GPS systems engineers and youngest founding members of the original USAF government program office that designed, built, and deployed the first generation GPS equipment in the 1970s.