Golden Graduates Spotlights

Bruce J. Torby

GOLDEN FACULTY - I saw the Engineering School move from the barracks to the buildings we now have, helping the State College become a University, and the Mechanical Engineering Department to get national accreditation. My experiences at CSULB can only be described as wonderful.

John Shaak

GOLDEN FACULTY - Among the many memorable experiences was being promoted from Associate to Full Professor at age 38 and receiving thoughtfully written responses from President Steve Horn to my detailed sabbatical leave follow-up reports.

Ralph Rodgers '69

GOLDEN GRADUATE - CSCLB prepared me for a great career with the LA County Probation Department as a Probation Officer in 1970. I found my experience at the college both enriching and a fun time in my life.

Laird Matthews

GOLDEN GRADUATE - I was able to learn management skills, how to allocate funds, time management, hard work, prioritization, networking and living/working with diverse individuals.  Thinking for myself, goal setting/achievement, working within committees and being bold while taking the initiative.

Michael Durand '69

GOLDEN GRADUATE - All of the jobs like North American Aviation working on the Apollo program through CSCLB helped me gain experience. It was my Industrial Design major that taught me to think, problem-solve and be creative enough to develop my own T-’shirt business. I learned that for every problem there is a solution.

Mary Jo Lass

GOLDEN FACULTY - I decided to work at LBSC because of the chance to use my expertise at local, state, and national levels of academia. I was impressed with the interview process and faculty. My first assignment while at LBSU consisted of four courses of Elementary school in American Society; it was very broad and interesting.

Jane Norkus Cass '68

GOLDEN GRADUATE - Some of my favorite student events included 49er Days, Greek events, and football games. They were always so much fun to attend and I was able to spend that time with all of my good friends.

Trish Farber ’83

GOLDEN GRADUATE - All of us remember the construction of “Pete’s Gulch” on lower campus to celebrate our school’s unique festive weekend…no matter how you were involved. “Homecoming under The Big top” began with the traditional bonfire, a circus tent constructed on lower campus with 1800 attending, the Hollywood All-stars raising the tempo musically. The…

Ann Powell-Cordon ’67

GOLDEN GRADUATE - I think everyone should have the opportunity to travel the world, to go someplace other than the United States. To have to survive and exchange ideas, I mean I met people from all over the world. In fact, there were people at this party who were Communist, which took place during the Vietnam conflict. It was a wonderful experience and…

James Robert Austin, ’67

GOLDEN GRADUATE - My best memories here would probably be my involvement in the 49er days and Homecoming. I enjoyed working on the event as Homecoming co-chairman in ’66 as well as attending it myself. A bizarre event that I remember around the year ‘64 was the toilet race where we made go-karts to race down the hill made out of the parts of a toilet.

Gary Latch '66

GOLDEN GRADUATE - I wouldn't have been as effective as a teacher without my education and experience at Long Beach. Receiving my B.S. & M.A. was truly a blessing from God. One of my most meaningful experiences was working for my Professor, Dr. Menees, as a lab assistant ( from 1965-1967 ) while I was working on my Master Degree.

Rick Bryson '66

GOLDEN GRADUATE - Dr. Huggins was going to give me a D in history. I guess I didn’t think athletes need to go to class. He gave me a second chance and it really made a strong impact on me.