Alumni Networks

The CSULB alumni family is a global network of over 365,000 alumni, learning, discovering, leading, innovating, changing lives and making history. Participating in the alumni community keeps you connected to great achievements and great minds and supports the continued global recognition and enduring success of CSULB.  

CSULB Alumni Networks offer alumni engagement opportunities that connect alumni skills and expertise with activities and events that support and advance CSULB and its global community.

Some of the priorities Alumni Networks focus on include: 

  • Connecting alumni and community through shared affinities
  • Helping alumni find ways to build and leave a legacy at CSULB 
  • Becoming advocates for CSULB in the various regional communities
  • Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus through outreach to students 
Interested in creating an Alumni Network? 

In consultation with the Office of Alumni Engagement and by working with the Assistant Director of Alumni and Affinity Engagement, you can establish a group/network on Beach Nexus, CSULB’s exclusive online mentoring and professional network that connects alumni, students and community.  

From there, the network will identify key stakeholders and gain in membership, define the network's purpose and goals, create a communication plan, and meet on or offline on a regular basis (as defined by network leadership). 

The following points identify a few items to consider when establishing a network: 

  • Define your network based on affinity. Consider the following options: 

    • Department or Academic Discipline 
    • Career 
    • Region 
    • Culture 
    • Extracurricular interests (Sports, Art, Clubs) 
    • Identity-based interest (First-Generation, Young Alumni, Emeriti, Veterans) 
  • Determine if there is an alumni interest in forming an affinity-based group. Consider:
    • Sending out a survey to seek the level of interest among alumni 
    • Asking for input from alumni 
    • Contact those interested in assisting in the formation of the network  

The Alumni Network will work with the Assistant Director of Alumni and Affinity Engagement and the Outreach Specialist to learn how to logistically establish and maintain a group on the Beach Nexus platform. The Alumni Network should aim to grow its membership and participant numbers as far as is allowable by the nature of the Alumni Network grouping. 

CSULB Graduates




Joining an alumni network can foster lifelong connections, provide professional and personal development opportunities, enhance networking, and contribute to the university's reputation. By taking a leadership role and founding a network, you will leave a lasting legacy at the Beach that will impact the lives of 49ers for generations to come. 

Joining a CSULB Alumni Network is easy!
  1. First join Beach Nexus, CSULB's mentoring and networking platform and create your profile.
  2. Select "Connect" and "Groups" in the top navigation to view the list of active networks. 
  3. Select the group you wish to join and select "Join."
  4. View the group discussion board, events and resources to begin participating!

Established Networks:



College of Business (COB)
College of Education (CED)
College of Engineering (COE)
College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)
College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM)


Public Policy & Administration (MPA) Students & Alumni
Recreation & Leisure Studies Alumni (RALSA)


Community Abroad
Tri-State Alumni: DC, Maryland, Virginia


Black Alumni Network


Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Today's Beach


There is no cost to establishing or running an alumni network. When creating and structuring a network, the Alumni Network cannot charge membership fees, but alumni can be asked to pay for their own expenses when participating in activities. The Alumni Network may also host fundraising events to help meet the annual development goal. 

The Alumni Network will work with the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement to explore and identify an area of interest for financial/fundraising support during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). 

The office of Alumni Engagement is here to support your efforts in engaging alumni. Here are the resources we offer and assist with: 

  • Communicate and perform outreach to your alumni 

  • Help build campus allies 

  • Offer updated alumni data 

  • Allow for the use of Anna W. Ngai Alumni Center event space once per fiscal year 

  • Allow for the use of Hung Conference Room, as available, for meeting space 

The Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement will be the main contact point for assistance with available resources. 

A Network Leader acts as a liaison and communicate with the CSULB Alumni Engagement team. Networks Leaders will communicate with the Assistant Director, Alumni and Affinity Engagement via phone or in person every quarter, or as necessary.

Network Leaders will be ultimately responsible for the established communication plan on the Beach Nexus platform (although this may be delegated to another member of network leadership). 

Network leaders will also be responsible for submitting a list of network participants to the Office of Alumni Engagement in December and June to track and code participation. 


Industry specific networks can provide more targeted benefits for alumni who are looking to grow professionally. The Office of Alumni Engagement encourages networks based on industry and on other deeply held affinity groups such as ethic/cultural groups, LGBTQ+ affiliation, disability, immigrant experience, and more! 

Any CSULB graduate and/or active staff or faculty member can establish an Alumni Network. Contact Genna Quinn, Assistant Director of Alumni and Affinity Engagement to find out more about our existing Networks and discuss establishing a new one today!