Beach Nexus

Beach Nexus is CSULB’s exclusive online mentoring and professional network that connects alumni, students and community.

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Alumni, students, faculty and staff are coming together to share insight and advice on educational and career options, best networking practices and goal-setting.

The Beach Nexus platform includes: 

  • Community access 
  • Job Boards 
  • Events 
  • Pathways 
  • Career Paths 
  • Networking Groups 
  • Structured Mentoring Programs 

Need career advice? Want to be a mentor? Looking to meet new people in your industry or region? Join Beach Nexus, CSULB’s mentoring and networking community.

Get started at or via SSO. 

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  • Mentor: Relationship in which a senior or more experienced individual is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, or guide to a junior or trainee. The mentor is responsible for providing support to, and feedback on, the individual in his or her guidance.
  • Mentee: a less experienced individual who is offered special guidance, insight, and support from a respected and trusted person who is an expert in their field.


“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

-Steven Spielberg ‘01