Risk Management

Dedication to Safety

The goal of the Risk Management Committee is to review, develop, and maintain policies and practices that promote a safe and healthy workplace for all 49er Shops employees, customers, and guests. The Risk Management Committee has three primary objectives. The first is to mitigate any workplace risk by ensuring compliance with local, state, federal, and CSU regulatory standards. The second objective is to develop and maintain safety and health training programs that address the unique needs of our various operations. The third objective is to assess the financial impact of risk mitigation and to strategize opportunities to maximize corporate wide outcomes. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our organization. We have not been immune to the challenges our country and the world has faced, in providing efforts and best practices to mitigate risk. Below are highlights of our efforts to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and guests. It includes a detailed COVID Response Plan, and links to efforts in conjunction with our CSU campus.