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Promotional Rules & Guidelines

The Forty-Niner Shops host a variety of promotional acitivities such as opportunity drawings, contests, and sweepstakes. These activites allow students and faculty members of CSULB to feel a sense of campus inclusion. Below, we have defined these promotional activites as well as provided The Forty-Niner Shops' general guidelines.

  • Opportunity drawings: An opportunity drawing involves a general and indiscriminate distributing of the tickets that does not require any of the participants to pay for a chance to win.  This fact is clearly advertised within the promotion. (State of California Department of Justice) 
  • Contests: A contest involves skills or a combination of chance or skill in order to win the prize, and may be conditioned wholly or partly on a payment of some value. (California Department of Consumer Affairs)
  • Sweepstakes: A sweepstakes is a game of chance requiring no purchase or any other payment in order to participate in the game. (California Department of Consumer Affairs)


General Promotional Rules & Guidelines:

  • No purchase necessary 
  • All entrants must be current Long Beach State University students or faculty members 
  • Participants must be 18 years old or older 
  • All winners will be chosen at random unless otherwise stated
  • Items exceeding a value of $600 must be declared by United States Citizens on their yearly taxes as “Other Income” 
  • Forty-Niner Shops employees may not participate in any Forty-Niner Shops sweepstakes unless otherwise stated 
  • All winners will be screened through the Forty-Niner Shops Human Resources Department to ensure there is no conflict of interest with The Shops 
  • Winners may be asked to fill out a model release form in the event that the Forty-Niner Shops use any photos for marketing use 
  • Contest winners who do not respond within 24 hours of contact by The Forty-Niner Shops may be subject to forfeit winnings 
  • Contest winners who do not claim their item within a timely manner may be subject to loss of winnings 
  • Contest winners must be able to claim winnings at the Forty-Niner Shops location, located at: 6049 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90840 
  • Winnings may not be resold, returned, auctioned off, or exchanged unless otherwise stated by the Forty-Niner Shops 
  • Entries after the posted date will not be included for consideration 
  • The Forty-Niner Shops is not required to post winners on any social media platform but may do so within their discretion and with permission from the winner