Mission Statement

Education is the means to expand minds and change lives to improve our communities.  The Forty-Niner Shops mission is to enhance and support the educational process of California State University, Long Beach by providing the goods and services to promote a learning community; by training student employees with life and career skills; and by funding scholarships, internships and other programs that promote student success.


Student at Graduation with Confetti

The Forty-Niner Shops have two primary objectives.  The first is student success, and the second is economic and commercial success.  We exist to support the University so student success is our most important objective, but we must remain successful in order to preserve the financial integrity of the corporation and to continue our mission of serving students. 

We will promote student success by employing students and offering life and career training that will complement their academic pursuits.  Our financial success will generate funds for scholarships, internships and other student activities.  We will design facilities to enhance academic learning, and be actively engaged in campus programs and activities that promote student success.  We will measure our efforts to promote student success in the same way that we measure financial success with objective, empirical data that demonstrates our achievements.

We will seek beneficial business ventures and offer goods and services that appeal to our stakeholders.  We expect our employees and managers to operate efficiently and effectively, and we will hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.  Financial success is an indicator of customer satisfaction, as our students have many options when it comes to purchasing textbooks or food services.  We must compete in the marketplace, and our financial success is dependent upon offering appealing goods and services with excellent customer service while maintaining competitive pricing.