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Current Employees

Quality is Pride of Workmanship.

We rely on the strength and dedication of our employees to be successful.  The proud determination towards student success and team atmosphere portrayed throughout the Forty-Niner Shops is what makes working here so magnetic.  Please review data on this page as it pertains to information and opportunities for our fabulous current employees.


Paycheck Distribution

Paychecks are distributed bi-weekly on Thursdays.  For the complete list of dates, please refer to the 2020 Payroll Calendar (pdf).

Paycheck Distribution - Covid-19

The safety of our employees is important to us. To promote social distancing, we are no longer distributing paychecks in person.  Instead, there are two options for employees to receive their pay checks. 

  1. Direct Deposit - We encourage everyone to sign up for direct deposit. This will ensure that your pay check is distributed directly to your bank account on pay day. 
  2. U.S. Mail - Employees who do not sign up for direct deposit will receive a physical pay check via U.S. Mail. All physical checks will be sent directly to the address that is on file in ADP.  Paychecks will be put in the mail on pay day, so please allow a few days for receipt.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (pdf) and submit it to Human Resoources along with a voided check or an official statement from your bank with your name, routing, and account information, for verification purposes. Once you submit the information, it will take a full pay period to process this change, so you will receive a physical pay check via U.S mail until it is active. 

For questions regarding this options or our social distancing efforts please contact our HR office at (562) 985-7953 or via email at

Student Success

As one of the largest employers of students on campus, the Shops are committed to supporting student success by: 

  • training student employees with life and career skills

  • providing flexible work schedules

  • funding scholarships

  • providing internships; and

  • supporting programs that promote student success.


We applaud internal hires and want our student, part-time, and full time staff to grow and excel.  For the most up-to-date internal positions, please contact the HR office directly.  Search open positions.

Employment Forms

A quick guide to the most common forms:

Employee Perks

Manager Resources

Information and Policies

Employee, Customer, and Vendor Accidents