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Convenience Stores & Carts

Sometimes you want a quick bite to eat and sometimes you simply just want an ice cold drink – convenience stores are there for you. Located throughout campus, our four convenient stores and two open-air cart locations offer a variety of snacks, drinks, school supplies, and grab n’ go meals:

Fresh Items: Fruits and salads

Cold Items: Ice cream, milkshakes, and fruit smoothies

Necessary Items: Blue books, scantrons, aspirin and band aids 


Beach Hut Convenience Store

Located adjacent to the CSULB Library, the Beach Hut offers many choices for students, faculty, and staff.  This small but well-stocked shop carries a variety of snacks, drinks and ready-to-eat meals as well as fresh, packaged sandwiches, salads and vegan choices. Additionally, the Beach Hut carrries frozen snack options like ice cream pints, sandwiches, bars, and F’real smoothies & milkshakes. Open seating on the outdoor patio provides a great place to study, grub, or just relax.  

Bookstore Convenience Store

Situated next to the University Bookstore, the Bookstore Convenience Store offers a little bit of everything. . Choose from one of our selections of Beach Fit light meals, which are prepared daily and available at all convenience store locations, indulge in our baked goods, or create your own mixed bag of sweets from the variety of bulk candy available. The Bookstore Convenience store is also a great place to grab scantrons and health items.

Corner Market Convenience Store

Located on the west side of the University Student Union’s upper deck overlooking the Beach pool, the Corner Market is your spot for healthier snacking options. Fresh and dried fruit, nuts, juices, vegan and organic items are available in addition to the classic snacks. Comfortable seating and counters equipped with easy access outlets and USB connections make this an ideal place to catch up on assignments while enjoying a meal, snack, or cup of freshly brewed Peet's coffee. 

The Outpost Convenience Store

Located on the east side of campus near the Vivian Engineering Center, the Outpost Convenience Store is adjacent next to the Outpost Grill.  

Wallstreat Cafe

Wallstreat Café is located near the College of Business Administration Building and the Jack Rose Track.  Wallstreat Café provides a variety of grab n’ go items and proudly brews Starbucks Coffee.