Health & Happiness Petal

The Issue

Many developments provide insufficient conditions for health and productivity, and as a result, human potential is diminished in these places.

Health & Happiness Petal Intent

The Health & Happiness Petal is intended to focus on the environmental conditions that must be present to create robust, healthy spaces. By focusing attention on the major pathways of health, we create buildings designed to enhance our well-being.

Sustainability in Action at Hillside Gateway

To achieve the Health and Happiness Petal, the interior spaces of Hillside Gateway enjoy ample natural light thanks to largescale windows and sliding glass doors as well as the use of transparent partitions instead of walls between workstations. The large windows also help building occupants feel more connected to nature as views of the native landscaping are assessable from community rooms and office spaces. When opened, the windows and sliding doors also provide the interior of the building with the fresh ocean breeze. To meet another one of the Petal’s goals, the building and systems were designed to ensure that the indoor air quality meets the highest standards. 
The designers’ attention to “biophilic design,” or design that seeks to meet the inherent need that humans have to connect with nature, has been proven to promote health and happiness. Biophilic design elements are incorporated throughout the project and also help to meet another requirement of the Beauty Petal.